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Frederic / Gaylord Area Trail Report – Sledheads of Frederic – 03/15

It’s friday morning and 34 degrees and calm in downtown Frederic. I thought we were gonna luck out yesterday as there was no rain all day and then at 3 it started in. Never super hard but steady and enough to knock snow piles down. They were calling for snow overnight but that didnt happen either so we now have alot of puddles and slushy trails.

Had a couple people stop by yesterday on their way to the u.p. and I think thats what I am going to get today. I still feel like there will be some diehards trying it out around here but even if it gets cold enough to firm things up and we get a little snow on top most people will hold off. I did have one sled ride into here yesterday but he was a local. I drove right by the trail crossings north of the high school but took pics of trail 7 crossing on 612 by the parking lot here in Frederic and a pic out front of the shop and also trail 7 at the north end of town looking towards gaylord.

It’s a crap shoot but there is still alot of snow out there but you will have to work for it. Stop in and say hi if you are passing thru, it will help keep me awake. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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Wednesday July 3rd, 2019 - 2:38 pm

Sledheads of Frederic , Michigan Snowmobiling

Havent been on for a while so I just thought I would put this out there. ... See MoreSee Less


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As always, looking forward to next winters sledding reports!

Happy 4th

Happy 4 th Pete , good to see and hear from you !!

Happy 4th. Pete to you and your family. Thanks again for selling my Dad’s 10 acres in about 10 minutes. Keith in White Lake.

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July Pete.

Have a great July 4th Pete 🇱🇷

Good to hear from ya Pete

Hi Pete how’s it going

Have a good 4th Pete see you in the fall.

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Thursday June 27th, 2019 - 9:01 pm

Sledheads of Frederic , Michigan Snowmobiling

trail number seven at the north end of the Crawford County line starts at Otsego County line goes all way up through Gaylord they have fence running the whole distance of the trail that will solve people on the railroad tracks in parts they have big rocks by at Seagull lake and another big area of it wouldn't post on the ground I snapped his pictures today as I drove up to Gaylord A long old 27. If they could bring that fence down into Frederick that would solve the railroad trespass problem at least put a big dent in it ... See MoreSee Less


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Make it a all sports trail and people will spend money all thru the town.

Sad, they have to waste that money, because of morons... money could have been used better elsewhere

These improvements were not intended for the benefit of snowmobiles. These improvements are for a bike path that goes all the way into downtown Gaylord to main street. I have owned a cottage 2 miles from this trail for 27 years. I drive by this trail multiple times during the spring, summer and fall and have never seen anyone walking or riding a bike on the old dirt trail. Only see dirt bikes, atv, utv and snowmobiles. Total waste of money to build improved bike paths in this area. This money should be spent for projects where people will actually benefit.

And if they would fix the damn road .....that would be great! 😡😠. Sides look better than the road in Crawford County does!

What fee do bikers, hikers, walkers pay????

It’s going to be terrible when the snow covers those big stones and snowmobiles can’t see them and end up wrecking their sleds or possibly hurting themselves. 🤷🏼‍♀️ snowmobiled in the area for 10+ years and some of the work is disappointing..

So how long will it be before they kick us snowmobilers of that trail ?? Just saying

Hopefully when the person that hits those rocks and sues the clubs wins a fortune

They sure did fancy that trail up, how long till us snowmobiles get banned from it.🙁

Where funds come from??

They will put speed limit on like mullit lake it will be a bike path.

I agree waste of trail permits money ! Some situations need attention tho,most of this is self induced by fellow snowmobilers! No more cry baby shot when they do put a speed limit thu this area it's been posted for years!

Wrecked my sled back in 03 aling those tracks. Young and dumb, learned a lesson

Their are buisnesses that are already seeing the impact in ostego county closing most all rds to orv traffic

those rocks are gonna be like land mines once the snow gets deep enough to hide them...


Nice! Railroad Co put it in or DNR?

I wish we could keep peps in the rite spots with having to do this.

Awesome still cant fix dumb asses

Looking good.

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Thursday June 13th, 2019 - 3:48 pm

Sledheads of Frederic , Michigan Snowmobiling

No snow here. Nice and toasty. ... See MoreSee Less


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Ellis island cheap place to eat right behind Bailey’s


Hello from Michigan

Hello from Owosso

Hey pete u got mens shirts?

Hello from Owosso

You find any good prime rib out there lol?

You made it

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Sunday June 9th, 2019 - 6:46 pm

Sledheads of Frederic , Michigan Snowmobiling

Sled trail 47 just south of Grayling high school this afternoon. If you run into some of these while on your sled be sure to MOVE FAST ... See MoreSee Less


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The 2020 Yamahas are hitting the trails early I see...

lol of course theyre towing at least one M113

And they say its sledders that rip them up lol

That one being towed must be Chevy 😂

Lolllll of course an 88 is towing one. Bet at least one has a dead fall ramp too 🤣🤣

Don’t see any trail stickers in those !

We was camping 2 years ago off 7 mile rd and they showed up in our camp. They said they was just field training. About crapped our pants 👖 💩

FEMA Camps are taking reservations.....

It's a tank trail. The sleds just get to use it.

Anyone see a trail permit? Lol

I hope they got trail permits lol

We love having The Guard here! Thank you all for your service!🇺🇸

No doubt there is always something broken. Maintenance leads the way!

Dang miss those days but Bradley's not 113

Did that "all over" Germany back in the early 70's. Early 70's? Geesh...

Michigan national guard hooyah!

They use that to get from MATES /north camp to south camp/ Camp Grayling!

Love riding in the tank trails on my sled


Looks like the 7th tank was towing an artic cat.

Very cool but harsh on the rds

Keeping all safe Thanks for your service! 🇺🇸

Brings back memories. I love seeing the tanks moving

Been there done that. I was 17 in the 1st /246th armor. From Dewagaic, Mi. Best thing my parents did was to sign so I could go into the National Guard at 15. Thank you mom and dad!!!!!

This is why I love grayling so much

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