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Paradise Area Trail Report – 03/11

March 11, 2019

25 degrees this morning and snowing. It was blowing and a snowing last night. Looks like we picked up a solid 4-5 inches with alot of drifting in my parking lot. You know what I`ll be doing today!

Like I put in my last post, I posted a notice at the barn to the guys to let me know how their trail went so I can give you an HONEST report. I heard back from 2 of them so here we go…….

Groomer Mike ran the Stump trail again. He called it good but with a TON of drifting in "siberia". That doesn`t surprise me what with all the wind last night.

Groomer Kevin ran the Falls trail again and called it "just" good. Nothing wrong with good….right? The reason for just good is the sled traffic was blowing out the mogules as fast as he could fill them in.

Haven`t heard anything from the Point guy so I can`t give you an honest report on them. The South trail #8 didn`t get run yesterday but it is getting run right now.

All for today. Keep checking back. It looks like it will really warm UP for this coming Wed. and Thurs. and then cool back down for the weekend.

Groomer Chris


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March 23, 2019

When I crawled outa bed at 0730 it was 13 degrees. Its now an hour later and its 20 outside with a clear blue sky. Gonna be a beautiful day!!

Here`s an IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH.....we closed the gates on the swamp trail #8 just south of town. It flooded in Friday night/Saturday morning. DO NOT go around the closed gates!!

I made a mistake in yesterdays report so I`ll correct that right now. Groomer Don did not run the Point trails on Friday but he will run them today.

The only other trail that we ran last night was the Falls trail. Groomer Scott reported it as still pretty good with no water showing up yet. We are gonna run that trail again tonight plus the Stump trail.

All I got for ya`s today. The season is winding down FAST. Looking at the weather, this may have been the last decent weekend.

Groomer Chris
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We came out of swamp as they were digging gate out! Thanks for all your hard work. Yesterday we Rode from east west rode up around paradise and back out to east west rode trails were excellent!!

Thank you for all of your hard work and the update posts. Have a gantasti spring and summer.

Thx for all your hard work

Thank you Night Riders for your honest updates, great trails and no major issues on groomers breaking down. 😀

March 22, 2019

25 degrees this morning and partly sunny with a stiff NW wind. We did get up into the 40`s again yesterday. Here`s what went on yesterday.....

Groomer Scott ran the Falls trail #45 and called it pretty good. He said there is no water showing up yet on the trail.

Groomer Mike ran the Stump trail #8 and said the same. Both guys said the snow is pretty soft, kinda like grooming mashed potatoes, but notice we are still grooming with the temps in the 40`s? I told ya we can with the drags we have. It did get below freezing last night so the trails are hard and FLAT!!!

Groomer Don is running the Point trails this morning. We are done with the South trail #8 cause the swamp is gettin pretty iffy and we don`t want to bury a machine in there this time of year plus there is a new logging operation going on in the Federal Forest section across from the Silver Creek Bar. You can still get through there with a sled but be watchful of the loggers. It is about a mile long section that they have plowed down.

All for today. I`ll keep plugging on til we can`t plug no more!

Groomer Chris
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Thanks a lot for all you do! We had a great week despite the temperatures and no snow to access towns.

I rode through the swamp yesterday afternoon and it has some waterholes that will test your watercross skills. In the Federal Forest make certain the loggers can see you as you approach their equipment. They have limited visibility as they work.

Earl Howell

Thursday March 21st, 2019 - 11:22 am

Magnuson Grand Hotel Lakefront Paradise

Great place! Awesome people!THIS IS FREEMAN'S !!! ... See MoreSee Less

Great place!  Awesome people!

March 21, 2019

36 degrees this morning and partly cloudy. It got up into the 40`s yesterday and kinda drizzled most of the day.....not good for the trails....thats for sure. Here`s what went on around here.......

Groomer Don ran the Point trails #452 and #453. He called them pretty good but the water holes on the far north side of this loop are starting to get really soft. He`s thinking we`ll be lucky to get by this weekend before they open up.

Groomer Dave M. ran the South trail #8. Our infamous swamp just south of town is starting to get pretty wet. He didn`t break through the ice with a groomer but he said there is alot of standing water on the trail. You can get through there with a sled but expect to come out wet. I doubt we`ll run a groomer through there anymore this year. We did leave the gates open but run it at your own risk. The rest of the trail he called it good.

Thats all that was run yesterday. We`ll hit the Falls trail and Stump trail again for the weekend but the weather is gonna dictate how much more we can do. The season is wrapping up fast folks!!

All for today. With the weather warming up and us not being able to run, I`m not sure how much more I`ll be able to report but I will try my best to keep you informed till the end.

Groomer Chris
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Thanks for the information. 🥺

Thank you for all your hard work this season. We greatly appreciated it.

Have been coming to paradise for many years the trails this year were above and beyond thank you see ya next year

John Dafoe

Great job Enjoy the summer

JaLynne Thayer

Can you please update when you guys plan to brush and sign would like to help...need couple weeks notice because of the kpn thing gets in way

Thanks so much, hoping one more ride next weekend!! Keeping fimgers crossed,

Thanks for all the hard work and update posts this season. Wishing yoy all a fantastic spring/summer!

Thank you so much for your hard work and updates

Thanks so much for all you guys do

Thanks for updates hopefully one more weekend and be back next year


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