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Grayling Trail Report – Fay’s Motel – 02/26

Greetings Sledders,

We weathered all of the weather, good and bad. The rain was minimal in it’s overall effect in fact it may have helped in the long run as the snow that you were riding on and we were grooming was just beginning to show signs of fatigue. About a nano second after the rain decided to stop the wind decided to blow and then the snow kicked in. It was snowing horizontally for hours and I have no idea how much we actually ended up with, it wasn’t a huge total but the drifting in spots was impressive.

I couldn’t get a report out until now because I wanted to groom and get a first hand look and we couldn’t groom yesterday as everything needed a day to freeze up. All in all I was pleased with today’s effort. I was pulling good snow basically all of the way and there were only a couple of corners that were showing signs of ice in the inside radius. I would give the trails a good rating based on what I’ve seen so far and I groomed that pesky trail south of M-72 today. If there’s a trail that’s going to be skinny it’s that one.

When we are faced with a rain turning to snow event it’s easy to get all nervous and jerky fearing the worst. This time we made out okay, the rain wasn’t too heavy and there was enough snow to sustain and we have snow in the forecast.

GROOMING: We are down a tractor and it’s highly unlikely that we will see the wounded tractor back for this season. We can groom with one and the only difference that you might notice are the weekend runs at night which will be done with one tractor instead of two. The trail south of M-72 will be done during the day as usual and the Lovells trail will not be done at all over the weekend due to military training that will shut that trail down all together. The Lovells trail will close at 8 am Saturday and will reopen after 8 am Monday this weekend and the following weekend will be 8 am Friday and reopen 8 am Monday.

Temps look to hold next week so it’s a pretty safe bet at this point that we’ll get at least another week and weekend out of this deal.

Ride Often and Please Be Safe,
Keith, Sandy and The Girls


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Sledheads of Frederic , Michigan Snowmobiling


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Wednesday September 4th, 2019 - 5:50 pm

Sledheads of Frederic , Michigan Snowmobiling

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They could have waited till a dryer day it rain a bunch yesterday, they left tracks and tore up the nice packed surface

I'm glad I ride in the mountains where you don't see a groomer or a groomed trail. I couldn't do the flat land😂🤣

Wow I used to be a contract mower for the State of Texas wish I would have had something like that to cut grass with but I don't understand how they're leaving ruts when they're using a tracked vehicle like that

Anyone notice the huge boulders down by otsego lake... disaster waiting to happen when they get covered in snow and someone’s ski clips one!!

27 from waters down to Frederic needs to be repaved. With all the accidents on 75 that is the go around route. It's so bad they can't even stripe it anymore

Trail 7 is the new "bike/walking" trail, cant ride my dirtbike on it anymore.

It stops at waters. Still the same to Frederic

that trail is totally fucked they made it so narrow with a wire fence. How is anybody going to pass a groomer. They made that trail unsafe. Let's see how many people get fucked up because of that wire fence this year.

It’s to slow the throttle jockeys down some. But the rocks are a problem. Many cedar post got broke last year. The snow was derp

Keeps the kangaroos away,

Have they fixed 27 yet!!

Call the dnr Paige perry 989 732 3541 express your concerns complaints before they try to take that trail tell all your freinds call you have to be heard...👊

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Rick Quinn

Frank Pytlowany

Jennifer Chasteen Murrain

Dalton Beausoleil Kyle Clarke Steve Bezaire Adam Pinsonneault

Trevor Chappel Matt Schaaf Lance Schuette Luke Walker Frank Zwemmer

Bryan Baryenbruch think you would get stuck with that? Lol

Patrick Flory Sean Flory Jacob Flory Mark LaDouce Troy Williams

Matthew Patton wonder does Trevor Devlin get a name like this

Kevin Toombs is that you lol

Hopefully they rip that fence down along the trail

Rocks and fence = bad idea

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Friday August 23rd, 2019 - 3:18 pm

Sledheads of Frederic , Michigan Snowmobiling

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Looks like fun Pete , have fun

Have fun

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