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Paradise Area Trail Report – 02/10

February 10, 2019

15 degrees this morning with a light snow in the air. Sorry for no reports the last couple days but I`ve been busier than a one legged man in a a$$ kicking contest!!

We`ve had over a foot of snow the last couple days. Between running my business and keeping us blown out and working on the trails, its been tough. I know….wah…wah…right?

So……here`s the run down…..

All trails are in excellent shape. Aside from all the helmet slappers hanging in the trails from the ice storm we had last Monday. We are working VERY HARD on clearing them up. Its gonna be another week before we can get everything done. Now, don`t get me wrong, the trails are VERY RIDABLE, in fact, they are perfectly flat, just watch out for the low hanging branches. All the larger fallen trees are cleared.

Here are a couple examples of how hard we`ve been going at it……

Groomer Don, who`s 78 yrs. old BTW, spent 13 hrs. out on the Point trails #452 and #453 yesterday grooming and clearing brush, and he`s only about half way done!!!!

Groomer Mike has spent 2 days on the Pine Stump trail #8 doing the same. He`s got over 24 hrs. in clearing brush already!!!

Me and Groomer Dave M. have been working on the South trail #8. We`ve got it cleared up pretty good except for the Federal Forest section which is about 3 miles between the Silver Creek bar and Lakeshore drive.

Me and Groomer Gerald worked on the Falls trail #45 the other night for 9 hrs. getting that cleared up. There were spots where we couldn`t even get a groomer through. Gerald has worked on it since then and is going out again this morning.

So…..there you have it. Its been a rough week but we are gettin `er done!!! On top of all this, we are supposed to get another storm around this Tuesday. "They" are saying just snow but a bunch of it. Bring it on Mother Nature……WE ARE YOOPER TOUGH!!!!!

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris


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Wednesday February 20th, 2019 - 6:33 pm

Magnuson Grand Hotel Lakefront Paradise

This looks like a blast!

NBC25 News
Softball on snowmobiles? Sure, why not! This is near Green Bay, Wisconsin.
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Wednesday February 20th, 2019 - 8:25 am

Paradise Area Night Riders  www.paradiseareanightriders.org

February 20, 2019

10 degrees this morning and cloudy. We are under a winter storm warning for later today and tonight. "They" are calling for 6-10 inches of snow for us...oooohhh boy!!!

All trails are in EXCELLENT shape. It doesn`t get any better than this folks!!! If you haven`t made it UP here yet....just do it!! The temps are perfect, the trails are perfect....whatcha waiting for??? You`ll be the happiest little sledders ever!!

See ya`s soon. What more can I say?

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris
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4 days!

Mason Straus Zach Carroll Jaelen Loomis Cody Schutt

Coming to see you March 8th, can’t wait!

On my way UP

On my way up tomorrow. Keep up the good work and thanks to everyone who puts in the time.

I was there 2-19-2019. Trails were AWESOME. Thank you for all your hard work.

Couple weeks we will be there

Be there in a couple hours!!

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Tuesday February 19th, 2019 - 10:51 pm

Magnuson Grand Hotel Lakefront Paradise

Interlake Steamship Company
Big Props! Check out the eight propeller blades from our 1,013.5-foot Paul R. Tregurtha. Each blade is 6.5 feet long and weighs 4,188 pounds.#FreighterFriday
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David Wright

Jason Ison

Tuesday February 19th, 2019 - 9:29 am

Paradise Area Night Riders  www.paradiseareanightriders.org

February 19, 2019

11 degrees this morning and mostly sunny. We did pick up a skiff of snow last night. The temps have been in the single digits at night and teens and low 20`s during the day the last few days. It looks like the weather will hold about the same through the week.

Really not much to report on the trails. All trails remain in excellent shape. All 3 groomers are running good.....life is good. Remember last year? We had nothing but troubles with the machines. We`ve had a couple of minor glitches this year but nothing we couldn`t handle in a couple hours. Our new barn is fabulous. It sure is nice to have plenty of room and light to tinker with the machines, plus we keep the drags hooked up and bring them in with us to thaw. If you haven`t stopped by to check it out, do it. We are just west of town down trail #8 and the first drive way on the left past the bone yard. We usually park our trucks inside so if you don`t see anybody around check the door. If its unlocked somebody is in there. We love to show it off!! Its been 3 years of hard work building it.

All I got for today. COME ON UP!!!! I guarantee you`ll be HAPPY!!!

Groomer Chris
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Dennis Walker Joe Dekar

Thanks Chris and the game

Yes it looks awesome. Wish we knew that when we were UP there. Thanks for your awesome dedication to the sport!!!

And it's nice and warm inside.

See ya Thursday !

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Sunday February 17th, 2019 - 11:27 pm

Magnuson Grand Hotel Lakefront Paradise

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What’s this?


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It’s the wheel on a snowmobile trailer. Cool!

Wheel for a car or truck

Truck wheel


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