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Antrim County Trail Report – Jordan Valley Trails Council – 01/11

Grooming update: Per DNR, Gaylord, Petoskey, Grayling and Atlanta are not grooming and are in a holding pattern unti “more snow comes, the proper amount”. Kalkaska has stopped as well and we will follow suit Don’t shoot the messenger…….


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Sunday January 20th, 2019 - 6:49 pm

East Jordan Sno-Mobilers, Inc.

Thanks to the South Arm ORV Club who came out and served up breakfast this week giving some of our members a break. Look for them next month Sunday February 17th as they will be back again. They served up 203 breakfasts and for the first time for many of them they did a fine job.Thanks to all that came out and help make this a successful Breakfast.
Our South Arm ORV Crew, served up 203 breakfasts, as a snowmobile club member also who has been working these for quite a while, you all did a great job. Look for us next month as we will be doing it again February 17th.
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Good job team!!

Friday January 18th, 2019 - 3:47 pm

East Jordan Sno-Mobilers, Inc.

So Excited to see 700 Likes to our page and hoping to see many more so, keep sharing. If you don't belong to a club this would be a good time to join. If not our club, join your local snowmobile club as they all could use the help with their endeavors such as club activities and trails.

#volunteer #snowmobileclubs
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Friday January 11th, 2019 - 7:12 pm

Jordan Valley Trails Council

Grooming update: Per DNR, Gaylord, Petoskey, Grayling and Atlanta are not grooming and are in a holding pattern unti “more snow comes, the proper amount”. Kalkaska has stopped as well and we will follow suit Don’t shoot the messenger....... ... See MoreSee Less


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I wish all the naysayers and people complaining had half a clue on what goes on behind the scenes. Thank you for your hard work and commitment and being honest in your posts.

Rode trail thru Starvation Lake today, and around 10 am passed the Kalkaska groomer headed toward Manistee Lake area. FYI.

Matt Mullett

How about everyone bitchin about the clubs not doing it. Go call the dnr and bitch them out. They are the ones that made this call not the groomer clubs!

Dont shoot the messenger. Atleast JVTC let you know whats going on. Thx for the info JVTC.

Rode them all today. The base is good and there is plenty to groom. Would not be pulling up dirt anymore. Some areas would be tough to fill in all the holes, but grooming would improve them. Unfortunately the DNR and clubs look for reasons not to groom rather than too groom. Sad

Messed up, there is enough snow to groom. They saved a ton of money from last years winter. They stop grooming but will still sit there and check for trail permits.

So you wait till Friday night when everyone makes plans already?

Side buy sides should be a year around sport..on the trails

It looked like they groomed the trails in traverse City....I wish they hadn’t, not quite enough snow yet

Roscommon Higgins groomer caught fire. And is now out of service.

Robert Patchin


The DNR doesn’t care about trails; they care about $$$. Let the clubs decide.

This winter is sad so far

Greyling groomed this morning

I have talked to few business owners after the holidays who were already hurting due to lack of snow. Now we have snow, people come to Gaylord and ride but others will not due to poor trail conditions. I live there and those trails go to shit really fast by mid day with all the traffic. I can’t take my kids on the trail and teach them to ride it’s so bad. I know the DNR has a lot to manage and they do a ton for the state but I would really like to understand from the DNR “why”. Are they posting this decision on their site?

Rob Turner

I was out last night riding and I can agree with Jordan Valley Trails Council to follow the directions of the DNR, many of my trails on my way to Elmira and Gaylord has very little base. At kitchens fields the trails were blown off so it was ice and dirt.

Jeff Hildabridle

Yup no snow here stay home 🤣

Snow machines and off road vehicles can use the same grade just needs maintenance before winter after summer

👎🏻. I’m here.

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