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Frederic / Gaylord Area Trail Report – Sledheads of Frederic – 01/11

Make it snow and they will come. So far no new snow in the past couple of days and only a little predicted. The good thing is that its staying cold so what we do have is staying but getting worn. Its now 12:30 on Friday and sled traffic has been slow thru town Trail is white all the way to Gaylord and I had some riders in yesterday that said the more east you go the less snow there is. Lovells to Grayling was reported as good. Still remember it is very icy underneath. Next the pic below has nothing to do with the story that I am going to paste below it. The x ray picture was a different rider that had a problem near Gaylord the other night. Look at it closely to see his issue. It doesn’t take much to get hurt. The story I am pasting below came from a guy that was in the hospital and has been there for nine days…he was getting out yesterday.

Pete -Just want to say thanks for the trail condition reports. Your the first place I look even though I am up around Otsego Lake.I want to second the “be careful, it icy underneath”. I was out after the snow on the 2nd around Gaylord and hit a huge ice chunk. Hope to get out of the hospital today. Hand came off the throttle and I grab for it back and miscalculated. I was only going 15 mph, but have spent 9 days in the hospital. Sled looks almost untouched.Thanks to the EMS folks out of Waters, the Gaylord ER and the Beaumont ICU and Orthopedic staff, I will make a full recovery, but it could have been so different.I have had this issue with the palm/thumb throttle prior. Any suggestions that is a safe solution? Looking at a finger throttle replacement. The good news is the rescue and ER folks are good. There was one trama nurse in particular who had spend several years at NorthWestern U Trama in Chicago and she was awesome. I have to do something nice for water EMS and her in particular.They thought I broke my pelvis, broke ribs, broke a vertebrae, nicked my spleen and liver. Has a puncture wound. Turned out I did have a pelvis problem, but it was not broken….I had ripped a muscle attachment point off it (Gluteus Medius off the pelvis crest). The sled did land on me and broke my nose pretty good.Chunk of ice, 15 mph, hand came off the bars, grabbed the bars and palm nailed the throttle. 2-3 seconds tops. 2014 Polaris Switchback 600 Adventure. I got really lucky

Pete here again, PLEASE RIDE SAFELY and thanks for checking in. Pete


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Jeff Phipps

Bought the wrong snowmobile clothing if your cold at 11 below. Go Klim and you'll be good to 20 below

Lucas Karhoff looks like the u.p. Got more snow

That pic is from Fredrick?



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Get that Social Security signed up

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you both!!

happy birthday Pete and Melissa!🎂🍻

Happy Birthday Pete Kocefas!🎉🎈

See you tomorrow , flying in tonight

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Pete...(Bama Gang)

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Might be more snow in Detroit then up there tomorrow

nice party!

I hope they are all doing the snow dance.

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