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Grayling Trail Report – Fay’s Motel – 01/10

Greetings Sledders,

Reports coming in from the drivers are positive. The trails are looking good. There are bound to be some wounds left over here and there from the Spring type weather we experienced but I’m told they are minimal and I’m sure they will heal as more groomer passes are made. So I think it’s safe to say that the trails are at fair to good.

The tractor that was down with the stack issue will be back online tomorrow morning and the grooming schedule will be back to normal, including our tandem runs during the evening and night hours on the main loop.

That’s all for now.

Ride Often and Please Be Safe,
Keith, Sandy and The Girls


At Fay’s Motel enjoy direct access to the Grayling Area snowmobile trails.


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Tuesday January 22nd, 2019 - 8:45 pm

Fay's Motel & Cottages

Greetings Sledders,

At last some good news or at least a good forecast, one that is almost a sure bet. Widespread snow will fall overnight and throughout the day tomorrow. Predictions are in the 4-6" range with locally heavier amounts. I hope we live locally but will be happy with whatever we get.

The groomers have been running with the objective of bringing the outside radius of the corners back to the inside and to get the trails flat in anticipation of the snow in the forecast. Leaving the trails alone over the weekend in terms of grooming seems to have worked based on the feedback that we were able to get from sledders.

As I see it right now the groomers will finally go on our normal winter schedule this weekend. We will be panning the new snow starting tomorrow and will keep at it until the weekend traffic hits.

A word of caution, it will take a lot more snow than what is in the forecast to make the ice a non-issue. The corners will still be icy, the straights will continue to be icy, and the ice will be somewhere below you, how far below you is up to the snow God or Goddess, or maybe they're a couple, who knows.

We anticipate improved conditions. There may even be a " good " rating in our near future and for those of you that have read me over the years you know that means the trails are actually good.

I will get out another quick report on Thursday after the snow quits and I get a chance to see how it's panning out.

Ride Often and Please be Safe,
Keith, Sandy and The Girls.
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Jeff Phipps

Bought the wrong snowmobile clothing if your cold at 11 below. Go Klim and you'll be good to 20 below

Lucas Karhoff looks like the u.p. Got more snow

That pic is from Fredrick?



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Get that Social Security signed up

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you both!!

happy birthday Pete and Melissa!πŸŽ‚πŸ»

Happy Birthday Pete Kocefas!πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ

See you tomorrow , flying in tonight

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Pete...(Bama Gang)

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Might be more snow in Detroit then up there tomorrow

nice party!

I hope they are all doing the snow dance.

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