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Paradise Area Trail Report – Paradise Area Night Riders – 10/17

Quick update…33 degrees this morning and snowing!!! Ground is starting to turn white!!! We are doing a little trail work this weekend. I know its a late heads up but anybody got time? Will probably go out next weekend too, so make some plans if you can. Sure could use some help as we are still busy working on the new barn too.

Here`s some news for ya`s. We have worked out a slight reroute on the Pine Stump trail #8. Hard to explain on here but me thinks you will like it. Still have to ride through some of Siberia ( the burn area) but we are going around some of it now on some of the unplowed roads in the area. This is what we are gonna be working on this weekend….lots of new posts and signs to put up.

We will also put up more signs in Siberia to make it easier to get through there in the middle of a big blow for snowmobilers and groomers alike.

I drove to Newberry to the DNR station yesterday and picked up a whole trailer load of posts.

Just thought I would get on here to let you know we are still working for you…..for free!!!!….ALL SUMMER LONG BTW. Could use some help the next 2 weekends if you have time. Thanks Groomer Chris


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So brother Chris raised the green flag could not agree more!!!. This does not mean go balls to the wall. Remember we ride too. the corners are icy and there is a tree on the end of the corner. The tree always wins be smarter than the tree. Let's finish the rest of the year on a positive note.

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Rode to GM- Seney- Curtis - Newberry yesterday and all was great( with the exception of Curtis swamp). Today we rode Falls trail to Newberry then down around Rexton - Trout Lake- Off Trail for a bit- Hubert- back to Paradise. All good to great. Even the swamp south of town was in perfect shape as was piston alley with the new snow this evening. Thanks guys for all the efforts. More snow to fill in the earth humps in all ares mentioned above would make things excellent but that’s being really picky- just be smart and don’t ride ridiculous speeds in those areas and you will have a blast.

Track side down going back to motel or cabin is always better then a ride on a back board to the hospital or the dark place

Imaigine that the day I get back home lol trails where great over the long weekend thanks for all you do for the sport

Well said Gravy!!!

Rode Brimley to Pine Stump today.....pretty damn nice. Haven't seen 8 south of Paradise that good in years! Fresh groomed from Salt Pt. Rd. on way back to Brimley. No traffic, flat trails....turbo time!

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Tuesday January 22nd, 2019 - 3:49 pm

Paradise Area Night Riders  www.paradiseareanightriders.org

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Looks like it's getting better every day there.

Wow is that snow I see 🤗

Jim Monroe

January 22, 2019

14 degrees this morning and snowing and a blowing!! The weather guessers are calling for a couple- few this morning, a couple-few for tonight and more tomorrow. Yea Haw!!! If you haven`t already, I`d suggest making reservations for this weekend now!

All trails were groomed up yesterday and all are in good shape. If we get all this snow "they" are talking about I will upgrade them to excellent.

If you`re coming UP this weekend PLEASE be careful and use your head. We`ve had WAY to many fatalities already this season!!! Remember the speed limit thru town is 15mph and it will be strictly enforced. The speed limit down the Point road is 35mph, please follow this too. I`ve seen many sleds flying past my place on the Point road. Somebodys gonna get hurt bad if a vehicle is pulling out of their drive and you`re flying down the road!! Its hard to see over the snow banks.

There ya go.....the green flag is waving!!!!!

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris
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Chuck Washburn II

Thank you

Trails are real good! Kudos!! 8 south of town was as good as I've seen it in years....keep up the good work!

I’ll be up Friday!!

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