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Paradise Area Trail Report – 03/12

March 12, 2018

30 degrees this morning and cloudy. It was snowing at a pretty good clip when I crawled outa bed but has since stopped. We picked up about an inch on my deck. Here`s what went on yesterday…….

Groomer Scott ran the Point trails #452 and #453 and called them fair to good.

Groomer Gerald ran the Pine Stump trail #8 and called it good but there is some dirt showing up on the sections that the loggers had plowed.

I don`t think anything is gonna get hit today unless someone gets really bored so I probably won`t have a report for you tomorrow. The temps are going to remain in the low 30`s for highs and teens to low 20`s for night time lows so nothing should change the next few days. The weather guessers are still saying a little snow here an there too.

That`s it for today, keep checking back.

Groomer Chris


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Tuesday March 19th, 2019 - 9:16 am

Magnuson Grand Hotel Lakefront Paradise

I Love Upper Michigan
Tahquamenon Falls is beginning it's spring thaw..
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Amazing and beautiful!

March 19, 2019

19 degrees this morning and partly cloudy. We did hit 40 here yesterday afternoon. Here`s what went on yesterday........

Groomer Scott ran the Falls trail #45 and called it fair to good. There is no water showing up on the trail yet.

Groomer Don ran the Point trails #452 and #453 and called them good.

Groomer Mike ran the Stump trail #8 and called that good but the couple of short plowed road sections are getting bare.

We didn`t run south but plan on doing that tomorrow.

Soooo.......all in all.....still pretty good but with the sun higher and warmer I`m thinking this coming weekend will be the last of the "good" ratings. I could be wrong so just keep checking back and I`ll keep ya`ll informed.

Groomer Chris
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Thanks for the update. Heading up shortly, hitting Drummond tomorrow, then the Crazy 8s Friday and Saturday.

Awesome, thank you. Coming up tomorrow!

Thanks for keeping it in great condition despite the warm days. See you tomorrow

You guys do such a great job all season long!!

Jimmy Bass

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March 18, 2019

32 degrees this morning and cloudy. It did get down into the low 20`s last night. The weather guessers are calling for temps close to 40 during the day and lows into the 20`s at night for this week. Me thinks the season is gonna wind down fast, let me explain, here`s a trail run down from the weekend......

I ran the South trail #8 Saturday and started to see alot of slush showing its ugly head in the swamp south of town. Groomer Kevin ran it again yesterday and said it got worse. There is no color to it yet which means its just water accumulating on the surface. We haven`t broke through the ice yet but I`ll bet my bottom dollar the next run through will. The next run is scheduled for Wednesday. You can still get through with a sled but you may get alittle wet. The rest of this trail is still pretty darn good.

The Falls trail #45 is still holding up good. It will get run tonight so I`ll have a better idea on that tomorrow.

The Point trails #452 and #453 are getting run right now. Not alot of water on these trails so they should be good.

We will run the Stump trail #8 either today or tomorrow, but it was good for the weekend. This trail doesn`t have much for water on it.

Please don`t shoot me a bunch of e-mails or calls asking what I think the trails will be like for this weekend. I don`t know.....we`ll have to see what Mother Nature throws at us. We will keep grooming until its just not practical or March 31st......which ever comes first.

Keep checking back.

Groomer Chris
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Trails were fantastic all weekend....great job fellas

Trails out there were fantastic yesterday! As you said, a little slushy in spots south of town but no big deal to get through there. Thank you guys for keeping them awesome!!!

Thank you for your updates. Very much appreciated

Thanks for your updates and hanging in there, headed up tomorrow for the last ride😊

Thank you for your updates. Very much appreciated

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