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Paradise Area Trail Report – 03/12

March 12, 2018

30 degrees this morning and cloudy. It was snowing at a pretty good clip when I crawled outa bed but has since stopped. We picked up about an inch on my deck. Here`s what went on yesterday…….

Groomer Scott ran the Point trails #452 and #453 and called them fair to good.

Groomer Gerald ran the Pine Stump trail #8 and called it good but there is some dirt showing up on the sections that the loggers had plowed.

I don`t think anything is gonna get hit today unless someone gets really bored so I probably won`t have a report for you tomorrow. The temps are going to remain in the low 30`s for highs and teens to low 20`s for night time lows so nothing should change the next few days. The weather guessers are still saying a little snow here an there too.

That`s it for today, keep checking back.

Groomer Chris


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Wednesday December 12th, 2018 - 8:20 am

Paradise Area Night Riders  www.paradiseareanightriders.org

December 12, 2018

30 degrees this morning, cloudy and quite windy.

I know I haven`t been on here much but there just isn`t much to report. The weather hasn`t cooperated much and nothing exciting happening. We do have a few inches on the ground and I have seen a dozen or so sleds running around town. Our trails are ridable (barely) but we haven`t been able to get the groomers out yet....just not enough snow and cold!! We are ready to rock an roll as soon as good ole Mother Nature will let us. It doesn`t look promising for the rest of this week though.

Keep checking back. As soon as Ole Man Winter decides to wake up and bless us I will be sure to let you know.

LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris
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Not much snow in town but well over a foot++ in the woods when I left on Saturday. Rode paradise to GM and it was a fantastic ride. Have to take it easy from the hot dog stand to Crisp Point due to trees bent over and fallen but totally doable. Siberia was a little thin in spots where the wind took its toll- bypass through Rainbow Lodge made for perfect ride home

Chuck Washburn II

Definitely appreciate the updates! Crossing our fingers for some snow ASAP

can I get from brimley to silver creek bar???

Thanks Chris

Thank you for the updates, hope to see you when mother nature cooperates.

Hoping to see you the weekend before Xmas. Let’s hope for snow!

we appreciate all the updates, keep up the good work!!

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December 7, 2018

Man, crawled outa bed at 0630 this morning and flicked the deck light on to let the dog out and was quite surprised!! We picked up a solid 5 inches last night!!! Wasn`t expecting that!! The weather guessers were wrong...imagine that. This is on top of the 4 we got yesterday. Got some more snow blowing to do today. Its also only 14 degrees out.

Sooo.....after I finish my snow blowing work I have to run to Newberry for a few things and then I`ll meet with "da boss" this afternoon and we`ll come up with a plan. The only problem I see is its supposed to get warm and sunny starting tomorrow. "They" are saying temps to get up around 40, but lets hope not.

Well....thats what I have for you this morning. Keep up the snow dances....they are working!!! LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris
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I don’t see anything in the forecast anywhere near 40, believe me I watch 3X’s a day....

Thank you Chris for all ur hard work and all the updates...keep em coming

Blake Flynn

Any trail reports for Brimley?


You have the best job ever! Wish I could be a groomer..❄🌨❄🌨

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Thursday December 6th, 2018 - 3:48 pm

Magnuson Grand Hotel Lakefront Paradise

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Chris Little

Doin 100 sit'n still. Purty

Thursday December 6th, 2018 - 12:56 pm

Paradise Area Night Riders  www.paradiseareanightriders.org

December 6, 2018

Just past noon here and its 21 degrees and snowing on and off. I see the lake effect bands setting up on the radar. We got a solid 4 inches last night on my deck.

We haven`t got the groomers out yet....just not enough snow in the woods around here. I did see a couple sleds running around town yesterday though.

Just thought I would jump on here and give ya`ll a quick update. Sorry I don`t have better news. Keep doing the snow dances, every little bit helps! The temps are supposed to drop down to single digits tonight, hopefully that will kick up some lake effect!

Keep checking back. LET `ER SNOW!!!!!!!

Groomer Chris
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Chuck Washburn II

Thanks cousin! Was gonna give you a call. Heard there was “some” snow. Thanks for keepin us LP’ers informed!

Thanks Chris, we appreciate ur reports!

I’m doing the Heikki Lunta dance. Appreciate everything you do!

Thank you very much for all the hard work and long days you guys put in !!

Mark R Dean

Got to get those swamps froze up!!

Mike Osters Brian Fyfe

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