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Sidnaw / Bruce Crossing Trail Report – 02/12

Groomer Report:

We have plenty of cold air at night so our trails should be real nice, after the nightly grooming, for the morning rides. We need some new snow!

Our problem area is from the trail #3 south intersection on the grade, trail #8, to the trail #3 north intersection, it is quite thin between these intersections and this section gets a huge amount of traffic.

Please DO NOT climb the “Military Hill” from the highway, US 45, to the fence, we have ongoing erosion issues there and the hill climbers are adding to the problem. YOU COULD CAUSE THIS MAJOR TRAIL TO BE CLOSED IF YOU CONTINUE!

Watch for the groomers, they take up most of the trail and have the right of way!
Please pull over and DIM your lights for them, they have a long night out there.
Remember, you can get off the trail, the groomer can not.

Please ride on your own side of the trail and STOP at the stop signs!

Trail #3 North to Rockland is GOOD, better as you go north.
Trail #8 from Ewen to trail #3 North is FAIR.
Trail #3/8 East from Bruce Crossing to the trail #3 South intersection is FAIR.
Trail #3/8 West from Bruce Crossing to the trail #3 North intersection is FAIR.
Trail #3 South from the railroad grade to the CC road is GOOD, better in the woods.
Trail #8 from the trail #3 South intersection to Trout Creek is GOOD.
Trail #8 from Trout Creek to Kenton is GOOD.
Trail #8 from Kenton to Sidnaw is GOOD, better as you go east.
Trail #8/15 from Sidnaw to the trail #109 intersection is VERY GOOD.

When I report “base” that is the depth of the un-groomed snow on my yard South of Sidnaw. There is no possible way to accurately report what the depth is under your snowmobile on the groomed trail, it varies widely.

Have a fun and safe trip, thank you for riding our trails and visiting our local businesses!


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Thursday November 8th, 2018 - 5:12 pm

Sno Valley Riders Snowmobile Club Sidnaw/Bruce Crossing, Mi.

The season is almost here! Are you ready?? We're getting there!! Just perfect we're under a winter storm warning for tonight's groomer driver meeting! and we're feeding them a steak dinner too! We really appreciate our drivers! ... See MoreSee Less


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A big thank you to all of the operators and laborer's. Without you snowmobiling wouldn't be the same. I know it is a all year job, not just during snowmobile season. Enjoy your dinner, it is much deserved. Thanks for everyone's hard work and dedication.

😎 I would like to donate a meal for the drivers, who, what and where do I need to do, go to help this. They make our trails what they are. Thank you so much.

Thank you!

Enjoy. Thank you for all the hard day's and long nights you put in to make snowmobiling safer and more enjoyable for all those who ride. You're most appreciated..👏👏

Great job guys, I know it takes a lot of time taking care of the trails. Thank you for all your hard work. An a Big thank you to Brenda Kennedy for the hard work fixing this meal for you and any other ladies that help every month with the club.

Looks very tasty, I hope you're guys have a great winter, I know I can't wait for sled season!

We appreciate your groomer drivers too!!!!

A lot of hard work, thank you!!❤️

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Our regular monthly meeting is tomorrow @ 6:00 PM at the clubhouse. Brats and dogs on the grill, bring a dish to pass.

Hope to see you there!
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There will be no July monthly meeting. Hope to see you at the August 9th meeting. We will have a picnic along with the meeting. ... See MoreSee Less

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