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Baldwin Area Trail Report – 02/11


BALDWIN AREA UPDATE via Trailriders Snowmobile Club – Some pics from the North grooming in the fresh snow….



Good morning,we got 6-8 inches in our system Saturday night into sunday with another 2-4 inches tonight,we ran the north tractor sunday to see what we have,it groomed out in most places well,2-3 inches of base with ice underneath,so if you ride watch the corner’s,they will surprise you!so slow down and have fun,we will groom this week as we get more snow,they are calling for snow several day’s this week thru Friday,watch for later reports this week going in to the weekend


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Tuesday February 19th, 2019 - 3:57 pm

Trailriders Snowmobile Club

Grooming Newaygo county trail tonight ... See MoreSee Less

Grooming Newaygo county trail tonightImage attachment


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Hadn't rode here 8n almost 20yrs, came up last weekend and it was the best I have ever seen here, will definitely be back, great job of grooming.

Mark Phillips

Rode the trails this weekend. They were great! Thank you

Eric D. Hope???

Heading up this weekend to try these trails out. Suggested starting point? I'm coming from Lansing. Tia

James Housewright have we been on these trails yet?

Thanks for your time and work

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Friday February 15th, 2019 - 3:08 pm

Trailriders Snowmobile Club

Good afternoon,our whole system is being groomed,south tractor(Newaygo)just finished and will be back out again some water holes here and there south of m-20 but passable but be careful, everything north to Baldwin to Hart to Reed city and north up to wolf lake is Good or Excellent we received 12-16 inches this week and our groomers have been working the butts off to get them into shape,remember it will be busy president day weekend so ride early....please ride right,stay safe out there..p.s the trails are being watched by law enforcement so stop at those stops signs and ride responsible we want you back to ride another day,Thanks for supporting Trail Riders Snowmobile Club ... See MoreSee Less


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Kevin Rank

Went for a little ride today by Whiskey Creek....the trail is in great shape. 😀

Matt Hemmer

Jason Lauzon

Mark Brower

Tim Urbanski

Kyle Johnson

Thanks for the great work!

Thanks so much

Thank you gang!!

Where can I buy a trail map?

Remember some riders don't go as fast as others. Respect each other. New riders, experienced riders all riders be safe!

Joel Kovach

Well it’s Saturday night and I’m thinking of coming up this coming Tuesday. How are the trails holding up?

Janice Krause Dale show dad this maybe we can go next week. I can take some time off...

From Lake County to Woodys is beautiful! Good work Trailriders!!

Be smart and safe out there. Came across two groups with two sheriff sleds and a sheriff car...not sure what happened.

Ride on the right side too. Thanks for the fantastic trails Trailriders.

Yes thank you Trailriders! Rode from Ruby Creek to Diamond Lake and back today Definitely was just groomed🤗👍😀

Nick Bennett

Seems like I read somewhere that a snowmobile can ride along US10 and M37 in Lake county. Is this true? We used to take a 2-track back to the trail system but have just found out lately that we could be ticketed because it is a forest service road.

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Thursday February 14th, 2019 - 4:36 pm

Trailriders Snowmobile Club

Thank you to our team of Trailriders Groomers. You are the best! ... See MoreSee Less

Thank you to our team of Trailriders Groomers. You are the best!


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How much snow melted up there today

Thanks for the great trails!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you Best groomed trails in lower Michigan 🤩

Thank you!!!

For sure the best area in the lower they do a great job

Thank you!

They are the best I’ve ever ridden. This area ranks #1 on my destination list.

I appreciate all the groomers, they are the best!!!

Agree Trailriders Snowmobile Club is the best in the lower!

Caitlyn Reese

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Wednesday February 13th, 2019 - 5:36 pm

Trailriders Snowmobile Club

We got thru grooming the Newaygo county trail today,watch for water holes the first 6-miles out of the sports park,there a few more here and there,please be careful riding ... See MoreSee Less

We got thru grooming the Newaygo county trail today,watch for water holes the first 6-miles out of the sports park,there a few more here and there,please be careful riding


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Water holes or watering holes?

Pete and Doug rode today and said the trails were great, except for the water holes. THANKS!

Brett Swantek

Saw two coming from Hart too. Alot more snow in Baldwin than Hart. Going home through Hesperia. Groomer is out heading towards the south.

Can you get around the water holes without going thru them, or are they all the way across the trail?

if anyones interested i could use a riding partner as mine is not up for it

Silly question, are any of the water holes marked? We noticed up north there were blue ribbons tied to trees next to water holes in the trails.

What’s the weather looking like for Baldwin tommrow

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