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Seney Trail Report – 01/13

Hello Everyone!

Mother Nature has decided to be nice to us for this busy holiday weekend with a return of cold temps and some fresh powder to go on a very nice hard pack trail system! We are grooming around the clock right now watch out for our groomers! Remember that the traffic this weekend will be very heavy so be prepared for trails later in the day to be rough in spots. Be safe and have fun out there!


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VETERANS RIDE: March 10th. Okay, I’m starting my pitch for registering for the ride. It takes a lot of preplanning to pull off such a large event in a small town with all volunteers. PLEASE call or email to register today. Need numbers for T-shirts and food. We don’t turn anyone away the day of the ride but we have run out of food before and its very embarrassing and a bummer for those last in line. Contact Diane @ 906-287-0207, seneysnowmobiling@gmail.com

If you have never been to a veterans ride before you might want to join us. We start with a ceremony at the flag pole before splitting up into guided groups for a 80-100 mile ride in the majestic woods of the Upper Peninsula on trails groomed just for the ride. A hot lunch is provided off trail at the headwaters of the Taquamanon. Dinner rounds out the day of camaraderie.
Be a Vet, Bring a Vet, or Thank a Vet!
Thats our motto. Hope to see you there.
DESERTS NEEDED: I am asking for volunteers to make the deserts again this year for the veterans ride. If you are able to bring up a desert please email me what size, i.e. 9×12 or 1/2 sheet cake pan, so I can tabulate when we have enough.
We started to groom 2 tracks for the vet ride already. If you are a cabin owner, a local, or just someone who boondocks on the 2 tracks you should consider being an SSA club member. Already a member; are your dues current? This is the money used to groom these trails. It cost $200 every time the groomer leaves the barn. As these trails aren’t part of the “system” the club encores all the cost. You can become a member or update your membership thru Paypal at seneysnowmobiling.com
or by sending it to SSA, PO Box 102, Seney, MI 49883. If you’d like to make a donation to the vet ride, mail it to the address above.


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Tuesday January 16th, 2018 - 9:25 am

Seney Snowmobile Association

Groomer Jim making Trail 43 in top notch shape for the week!!!

Trail 43 Seney yesterday morning
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Joshua Kleman

Tim Cool Matt Stanford Rick Onesti Brian House

Looks like she’s running good and laying down pavement, nice work Jim!

I have a ? about grooming. I understand the drag to flatten out the moguls in the trail but why do you plow the fresh snow away first.

Adam Pinsonneault PJ Dorner Kyle Clarke Chad Mantha Dalton Beausoleil

Why are you plowing the snow off the trail?

See comment above^^^

If you could just push that right to North Dakota and Minnesota so we can have snow to ride too that would be great!

Blake Pepper Eric Morrow

Yes i'm ready to go⛄️⛄️⛄️


Ryan Scholten

Doug SchoutSchout...we need to go soon

Dan Myer


Thanks buddy be there tomorrow

Kinda looks like your pushing a lot of snow right off the trail, should be keeping that on the trail not rolling it off to the side..... pan it flat, don't blade it unless you have holes to fill or ditches to cover

Awesome job, thank you!

Awesome. Thank you

I rode it. Perfect! Thank you, G.

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Tuesday January 16th, 2018 - 9:24 am

Mater's Stop -N- Go Gas Station

Groomer Jim out on 43 yesterday morning... looking good!!!

Trail 43 Seney yesterday morning
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Very nice..

Christopher Campbell

Mike Tomski

Brandon Flinn

Jim Clark

Brennan Miller

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