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Paradise Area Trail Report – 01/13

January 13, 2018

5 degrees this morning and snowing pretty good out der. Looks like we picked up about 3 inches in the last 24 hrs. Got some better than expected reports from the groomers who ran yesterday after the warm up so here we go……..

Groomer Mike ran the Pine Stump trail #8 and told me he rated it at good to excellent with, of course, drifting in Siberia. Groomer Don rated the Point Trails #452 and #453 as excellent. Thats the only 2 trails that were run. Been on the phone all morning with guys to come up with a plan for today. Thats why this report is a little late…..so here we go for today…..

Groomer Mike is gonna head into the swamp with just a machine. Groomer Jack is gonna handle the rest of the trail south with a machine and a drag. Trying to get the timing right so if Mike can get the swamp filled in good enough Jack will take a drag through it on his way back and we can open `er up!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!! I`m heading to the Falls this afternoon when Groomer Don gets back from the Point. Lets hope this plan works and the swamp cooperates then we can get all our trails open!!! I`ll be sure to let ya`ll know how it went on tomorrow mornings report so stay tuned.

Groomer Chris


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Wednesday January 17th, 2018 - 8:37 am

Paradise Area Night Riders  www.paradiseareanightriders.org

January 17, 2018

15 degrees this morning and cloudy. Picked up just a dusting of snow last night too. The weather guessers are calling for a warm up this weekend. They are saying close to 40 for highs but below freezing at night, then they are watching a storm approach for Monday.....we`ll see what happens.

Not a whole lot went on yesterday as far as the trails go. Groomer Don ran the Point Trails #452 and #453. I didn`t hear from him on how it went but I can assume they are in great shape.

We are runnin the Falls Trail #45 today, Pine Stump Trail #8 and Trail #8 south so I`ll have more for ya`ll tomorrow. Our goal is to get all these babies flat before the warm up.

Thats it for this morning...talk to ya`ll tomorrow morning.

Groomer Chris
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Tuesday January 16th, 2018 - 1:33 pm

Magnuson Grand Hotel Lakefront Paradise

Welcome back Chic!! Oh how we’ve all missed you!!Check this out!!!!! Chic in Paradise. Hot dog stand is OPEN!!!! Trail 8 and and Trail 452 intersection. Great hot chocolate stop, loved these ladies!! See you again soon! ... See MoreSee Less

Welcome back Chic!!  Oh how we’ve all missed you!!


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Is Chic ok?

That's awesome news Chick, so happy you are finally open again...... #Braaaaaap

That's awesome...how wonderful of these ladies to do that...

Been awhile glad to see it back open

like that place

Zachary Wranosky

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January 16, 2018

11 degrees this morning and sunny again. There is a stiff breeze coming outa the NE. It snowed most of the day yesterday but it was so windy ya can`t tell how much came down. I`m gonna call it 2-3 inches just to put a number on it. Here`s what went on UP in da north country yesterday......

Groomer Dave M. ran south on Trail #8. He told me he got the swamp a little wider but there still is a couple soft spots and a small hole opened up on the north side. You can get around it with no problem but just be careful and go slow. We are gonna let it set today and run it again tomorrow. The rest of the trail down the power line is a little choppy but not bad and the Federal Forest section is the same. All in all he rated it as good.

Groomer Gerald ran the Falls Trail #45 last night and called it good. I asked him if we could call it excellent but he`s the smart ass in the bunch and said he doesn`t use that word. lol.

That`s all I know today. I`ll have more tomorrow so stay tuned.

Groomer Chris
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Thank u guys for grooming and getting bing is the heads up 👍

Where is the general area of the “swamp “ located ?

January 15, 2018

20 degrees this morning, cloudy and a 20 mph wind outa the SE. No new snow last night but it sure is windy out der. Here`s what went on yesterday......

Groomer Gerald hit the Pine Stump Trail #8 and reported to me it was in good shape. Like I said , its windy out der so Siberia is gonna be drifted.

Groomer Scott called in sick so I scrambled around and found Groomer Steve with nothing to do last night so he handled it.Talked to him this morning and he said to put it back to excellent. The traffic was heavy again for him so we`ll see if we can find someone to run it again tonight.....probably me.

Groomer Dave M. is gonna hit Trail #8 south today.

Thats all I know fer today. COME ON UP!!!!

Groomer Chris
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Thanks ! Trails were excellent past weekend !

Awesome- flying in tomorrow morning and will be up there all week. Left a message with Robin for you a couple days ago.. Let me know if y’all need any help

Grandma Chris coming up after we go to Copper Harbor maybe can meet at Pine stump to talk get to know each other winter is slow for me may have to come and hang out on the groomer

LOL supposed to be groomer Chris

Keep up the good work

Great to see lots of grooming going on up there for when I make my return to the Paradise Area......hope Dad lets me use the truck this weekend.👌

My wife and I had a great ride yesterday, hats off to the groomers😁

Tony Zimmerman

Just a heads up on the north end of the swamp area south of town there is a good size water hole to look out for.

loaded up and on our way in the morning we know go easy in and on the swamp and go slow in town keep up the great work !!

Rooster Miller Derick Moore Jason Wrozek

Greetings from upstate NY. We spent the weekend in Paradise, and the trails were awesome, thank you! First time up, we will definitely be back.

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