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Lake Gogebic Trail Report – 01/13

LAKE GOGEBIC AREA UPDATE via Gogebic Area Grooming – Corridor trail 1&8 excellent as is trail 102 – trail 13 south choppy early this am but groomer tracker showing me groomer out now that way. Trail 8 towards Ewen excellent – all this am….


Gogebic Area Grooming


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Tuesday December 11th, 2018 - 2:44 pm

The Timbers Resort

Isn't it time you experienced a White Christmas? ... See MoreSee Less

Isnt it time you experienced a White Christmas?

Monday December 10th, 2018 - 8:14 pm

Gogebic Area Grooming

12-10-18, Gogebic Area Grooming went on trail 8 from Bergland to Ewen. First time using the drag for the season and it turned out nice. MI-TRALE and Gogebic Area Grooming split the cost to hire Sno Valley Riders Snowmobile Club to Brush the trail. Here is a few pictures on how it turned out! ... See MoreSee Less


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Randy Schaar What do you think?

Dominic Aiello

Korey Kilinski

Paul Hartgerink,this is east of gogebic towards Bruce crossing.

Nicholas Bohannan

Looks great thanks

Trevor Sova

Working together is the way to go!!

Todd Jones

Again big thanks for all the hard work

Awesome work! Any idea how the trails might be come this weekend?

Scott Irps

Jim Lovell Ali Rae. Looks nice

Jason Whitaker let’s load up this weekend!

Wow nice job

Thank you

Chuck Wolf. All ready for you guys👍

Blake Tomezak Thomas James Mike Steele

Nice, keep up the good work Thank you

Thanks all for your efforts!

Nice job guys ✊🏽 THANK YOU!

The one time you don't want bush err brush....

Thank you so much guys. From Two Fat Guys!!!!

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Sunday December 9th, 2018 - 9:42 pm

Gogebic Area Grooming

12-09-18, Gogebic Area Grooming went to trail 8 near the county line. After seeing what opened up with the amount of traffic that went through it, we had to try and do something! We ended up having to make snow bridges due to the wet lands. We asked that if you possibly can avoid trail 8 for a while so we can get the wet areas frozen. We were fortunate to make it through with a groomer. This will make it freeze faster so our groomers can actually groom with the dray. We will be out tomorrow working on the wet areas again to hopefully freeze it up. We also finished up on trail 102, to South Boundary Road (trail 11). *** please use caution when riding the trails***. This is just not our trails but all area trails. We need to get more snow for perfect riding conditions.

Also this weekend our area got a lot of snowmobilers. We ask that you respect our area, as local people are complaining to us about the trespassing on their properties. We know that riding powder is fun, but when you cross onto peoples private property. They then want to close down our trails because of it. This creates a lot of headaches for our club to reroute trails and not mention the cost. Doing such is what makes our trail permits that much more expensive. Again we are working hard to get you the trail you want to ride. But causing issues to have a little fun will ruin it for everyone! We will keep you posted on our progress, but for now we are also waiting for more snow. Let’s all hope that the lake effect snow kicks in very soon......
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I think people should loose there trail permit if they ride off trail in areas where they are not supposed to, then fined for it. They are ruining it and making it more expensive for everyone that follows the rules! And for you guys too!

I wish people waited for quality trails.

I think city people would come and ride frost

Marcus Allen

Robert WagenerMike WagenerPatrick Wagener

Dean Holland Oh

Dean Holland Oh heads up next weekend

Same hole as last year

Thank you for all the hard work!! We hAd an excellent weekend of riding!

Kevin Hut Brad Zupan Jon Parkhouse Jason Morris trail 13 🤣🤣

Joe Baratta just so you see it

Don Nehls Jr

Your team of volunteers rock. Thank you

When is Michigan gonna wise up and outlaw altered exhaust systems and limit the depth of the paddles on these tracks. Been riding up there for thirty years and never seen so much disrespect for property and people that I have seen in the last few years. These deep tracks do nothing but dig bigger holes on groomed trails. But they don't care just gonna ruin it for the rest of us that enjoy the sport and scenery.

Exactly why I don’t ride that area. I never saw any water the entire weekend.

Zach Matusek

There is not much of a base yet,common sense I always wait for more snow,a lot of corners with lack of a base is dangerous hard to turn,just years of experience I don’t want to die riding I enjoy it.

The trails shouldn’t even be open right now there isn’t enough snow what does anyone expect? There is no excuse that the trail should be down to dirt already before a base is even formed. It doesn’t matter that December the first the trails CAN open keep them closed until you get some real snow. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Jeff Schliepp Jason Faught. Looks familiar from a few years ago

same problem as last year in the same area. correct?

Houstone Texanes check it

Jon Bishop

Wow, nice work guys. Going over the top again! Too bad it hasn't had more time to freeze up.

Happy to see they are actually trying to groom trail 8! Trail 8 is always the most beat up trail in the network no matter when we are there. It's our favorite route to take but it forces us away from bergland when there are 3' moguls the entire way.

Daniel Giove

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Friday December 7th, 2018 - 11:11 pm

Gogebic Area Grooming

12-7-18, our team at Gogebic Area Grooming was able to pack the following trails. Trail 13 North to our turn around at trail 101. Trail 1 from Bergland to White Pine. Trail 8 from Merriweather to Underwood Tower Road (Tula). Trail 1 from Marenisco to Presque Isle. Trail 1 from Marenisco to West Shore Resort. Almost all of the Hoop n Holler access trail. Walleye Lodge, Timberlines Sports, Bergland Snowmobile & Marine, and the town of Bergland access trails.

Again snow is on the trails but it’s still the beginning of season. Lots of rocks on trail 13 North going towards Rockland. We are trying our hardest to fill all the wet spots so your sled won’t go through. Use caution by the county line on trail 8, our groomers had to go around a wet spot about 600 feet long.

Tomorrow we plan on going back up trail 102 to pack the fresh snow we just got. Use caution when traveling this trail tomorrow 12-8-18, as our driver maybe out of the groomer cleaning some brush yet.

Here is some pictures what we took of the trail system as of today.
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Don't lie, nobody grooms 13

Awesome work!!!!! Trail 8 is a feat to get packed 12/7!!! Nice work

Awesome! Thank you for doing such a great job maintaining the trails! Gogebic is one of our favorite areas to ride! The trails are fantastic and the hospitality up there is wonderful! We always have a great time! See you soon!!! Let it snow! ❄️ ❄️❄️❄️❄️

Noel Rios check out all the photos - these are the trails we'll be riding. 13 is behind the house... and then heading north to Lake of the Clouds. I am sending a membership/donation to the groomers for all of their hard work.

Well be checking em out today! Thanks!!! We got the itch last night and needless to say 160 isnt ready lolol but we rode it some and got er flattened out more

I miss driving groomer

Thanks! You guys do a great job of setting up and maintaining the trails!

Lookn' good thanks for the continued work on getting trails in great shape for the season

Awesome!! Thank you so much for getting things in good shape!!

Thanks for all your hard work! Can’t wait to get UP there and ride!

You guys are ausome thank you for all your hard work. We will be up on January 12

Might want to change the date...it's December. Otherwise looking good!

Thank you for all your time and hard work. We appreciate all you do. Not many people know all the endless hours you put in the off season too.

Good job Gentleman

Great job guys!

Nice work! Thank you for your time and efforts!

Can someone tell me what the scenic overlook is called that you drive up a super long trail that feels like a "4 lane freeway" so to speak.

What about trail 1 from west shore resort to trail 8?

Looks great guys !! Thank you

Is it me or is this the most prep that area has done in years ? Love to to see the new efforts to bring that area back

Great job grooming and reporting. Thank you!

Best groomers ever

We had an amazing time

Great work guys!

Thanks for all your hard work! Can't wait to ride! ❄️👏❄️❤️

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