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Lake Gogebic Trail Report – Lake Gogebic – 12/26

At this time we’ve received an approx. total of a foot or so, depending on how far south you go on our trails (the Wisconsin border just north of Presque Isle) to almost as far north as Rockland. As usual, the most snow can be found in the highlands over trail 102 and portions of 1 north as well as 13 north. The groomers are out where the snow makes it possible for grooming, however the conditions are not great. The good news is the temperatures have been very cold (nights below zero & days in the teens) so any wet areas should be frozen nicely. The ten day forecast for our area shows snow each day from Friday thru into the New Year…how much remains to be seen.

My trail reports may be running a bit shorter for awhile as I’m heading in for rotator cuff surgery on this Friday…on my right shoulder…again. So I’ll be pecking away with just my left hand for a month or so. I will wish you all a Happy New Year now, and remember you get to celebrate twice on Lake Gogebic! You can ring in the New Year at the north end of the lake in the eastern time zone and then head down the lake into central time to celebrate once again!!! This is always a draw for anyone looking for a unique experience to celebrate New Years Eve on beautiful Lake Gogebic.

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December 26, 2012 |

Lake Gogebic Trail Report – Lake Gogebic – 12/24

The groomers have been panning/packing the snow for the last 3 days, but we don’t really have a good base yet. All of the trails have been run and the drivers haven’t seen any problem areas to report.

We continue to get ‘lake effect snow’ gently. The groomer drivers say the trails are ‘rideable’ but of course, we need more snow. The wet spots appear frozen in, but this early in the game – please be cautious.As always, the snow depth varies from north to the south of the lake


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December 24, 2012 |
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