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Seney Trail Report – Seney – 03/25

SENEY AREA UPDATE via Mater’s Stop -N- Go Gas Station – Ok, kids, today might be the last day for a pretty solid ride, we’ve had approximately a dozen trailers in today, the reports from riders is that you can still find rideable snow just south of Grand Marais, north of Seney to the Bear Trap or toward Pine Stump… supposed to be a clear but warmer day today, no rain… tomorrow there’s an 80% chance of rain… if you are close enough to us up here, come up and ride, if you don’t trust the conditions for your own personal sled then grab your neighbor’s sled, your wife or husband’s sled that is never used anymore or go rent a sled, the time is now, lol!!!…..


Seney Snowmobile Association Trail Report

Reported On: March 24th, 2017 @ 2:37pm

Groomer Report

Spring conditions are fair to good! Time for the last Oorah! Temps will be rising again next week. Probably 18-24″ up north yet in the woods. Two track riding is awesome!

We took 3 groomers to the Bear Trap last night. Was really surprised how much snow was left up there. Don expected the grade to be all frozen ice but it wasn’t. The trail passing the park in town is a little ruff with brown snow where we couldn’t get in there with the groomer. As soon as we passed the park we were able to groom up on the bank as we have been for awhile now. There is lots of snow there and its even white. lol. 2 groomers went up thru trail 43 from the detour. Its snow cover for the most part with a few icy/dirty corners; of course the snow will be thinner there than further north. Don and I continued up cty rd 450 instead of taking the detour to see how far we could get. There was a small section we couldn’t do cause it was too narrow for the drag but sleds are still using it. We were able to groom as far as just before the park-n-ride. From there the trees forced us down on the road but sleds could cross behind them and hit the trail no problem. We all met where the trail crosses the road and continued to the Bear Trap. Snow was thin in spots but we were able to distribute enough to cover most everything. Still have a couple dirty/icy corners. The railroad grade has lots of snow. Just a few areas that were solid ice of only one that was non-negotiable. You just have to ride it out, maybe 1/4 mile long. Still need to be aware that there is ice underneath all the thin areas and in some of the corners. As I posted in FB, we passed Grand Marais’ groomer on the grade so they are also gearing up for the weekend. It did rain and spit snow most of the night, so it probably set very hard. Might have to wait for the temp to rise in the morning to head out riding.

Josh is out in the John Deere grooming 431 as I write this. Pretty sure the scenario will be the same but if he reports differently when he gets back then I’ll let you know. I do know that the side of M-77 is totally brown with snow/ice in the ditch only and we won’t be grooming that. To ride trail 431 you’ll have to trailer up to the park-n-ride.

The park-n-ride for trail 43/8 is closed because County rd 450 is closed to vehicle traffic. There is an area that is really soft, bad, and need of repair. A large truck got stuck in there a week or so ago passed where the trail crosses and they had a hard time getting it out so the county closed the road.

Still lots of snow up north just have to get to it. Town accesses will be bad everywhere.

Mother nature came thru for our area with this year. We even had good snow for our veterans ride. Thanks to our groomer operators, trailboss, local businesses, and members who helped make this season a successful one. A special thanks to Allegan Snowmobile Club for loaning us their groomer.

It was a long season for our operators/mechanics this year keeping the equipment running on the trails. Over 300 hours spent in the barn turning wrenches and the John Deere spending 41 days of a 110 day season in the shop. Hitting the hardest was the tragic loss of one of our own, Tyler Barker, while performing maintenance on a drag. We will have a dedication ceremony for him at the snowmobile bridge over the east branch of the Fox River in May. More details will follow.


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Friday October 20th, 2017 - 8:43 am

Mater's Stop -N- Go Gas Station

Two years ago today we headed north early in the morning to close on our store... Happy Two Year Anniversary Mater’s Stop N Go!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Congrats my favorite store around

Seney is very bless to have yous 🙂 Congratulations to many more years

So glad you guys opened the station love this place

Congrats on your two year anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary from the real Mater 🙂

Congrats you two are a hell of a team ! And a awesome bonus to the community!

Happy 2 year. Love you guys!!! 😄

Congrats guys. 🍻🍺🍻🍺hears to many more


Yay !!

Congrats 🎊 to many more !

Thank you for choosing seney ! ! We always stop with you and tell all our friends.

Congrats to you! We love stopping there. So happy you chose Seney!



Best stop in the UP. Congratulations


Congrats .....


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Saturday October 14th, 2017 - 5:04 pm

Mater's Stop -N- Go Gas Station

Checked in bear #42 today, no pic available... ... See MoreSee Less

Saturday October 14th, 2017 - 12:14 pm

Mater's Stop -N- Go Gas Station

Loaded up with toys today! Loving it, reminds me of winter with all of the snowmachines! ... See MoreSee Less

Loaded up with toys today!  Loving it, reminds me of winter with all of the snowmachines!

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