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Paradise Area Trail Report – Paradise Area Night Riders – 03/19

March 19, 2017

31 degrees this morning when I crawled outa bed. It is now 40 at noon and kinda foggy and misty.

All trails were run yesterday, just like I said. They all turned out about the same too…..kinda mushy and slushy. Kinda sad, but I think this is it. The trails are fading really fast with holes opening up and bare spots with dirt and grime. Good by to ANOTHER rotten winter season, this makes what….2 or 3 in a row now?? If some miracle happens I`ll get back on here but I think I`ll say SEE YA`S NEXT FALL. We will be posting on our Face Book page for upcoming brushing and signing weekends if anybody wants to come UP and help so check back every now and again.

God Bless Groomer Chris


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December 8, 2017

21 degrees this morning and snowing hard AGAIN. Shoveled off my deck at 5pm yesterday and had a solid 8 inches on it. Got another 5 at least on it this morning......good start eh. The snow bands of lake effect are set up on da big lake so she`ll snow all day today too. It looks like this weather is gonna hang on for the foreseeable future also.

Had a bunch of mechanical difficulties yesterday here at home so never got to talk to da boss to come up with a plan. Still got some fixin to do today so not sure whats gonna happen as far as the trails....sorry....but I`ll get on it asap. All for now....just letting ya`ll know ITS SNOWING UP HERE!!!!! Groomer Chris
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Anna Williams Connor Montpas Jessica Barthlow This is where we took our UP trip last year 😍

Jordon Prins

Thanks again Chris for the update

Karson Theisen Gavin Theisen Joel Pung Tyler Lemmer Trent Lemmer] Corbin Horning Sage Lawens Morgan Galinski

John Miller

Dave Wiesenmayer

Let's hope it stays cold to Get those swamps frozen in and more snow.

Hey really appreciate all the updates. Wheres some of the places we can donate to the Groomers? Thanks again

Thanks again Chris

Thanks for the report & all the hard work.

Matthew Owen Owen when you going

Thanks for the update!

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Thursday December 7th, 2017 - 9:25 am

Paradise Area Night Riders  www.paradiseareanightriders.org

December 7, 2017

Alrighty folks.....ITS HERE!!!! 22 degrees this morning and its snowing hard!!! Looking at my deck I got a solid 8 inches on it since yesterday. Looking at the radar the snow bands are set up across da big lake and its gonna snow all day ( I hope ). The weather guessers have us under a winter weather advisory....whatever that means...but didn`t really say how much snow we could get today.

Keep in mind now, I`m just writing about the snow on the ground. We haven`t been out on the trails to check things out. If ya`ll really got ants in yer pants to come UP and ride be VERY careful. There is gonna be alot of sticks and branches and maybe a tree or two on the trails. Also keep in mind there is gonna be ALOT of water out there too. We have had a VERY wet summer and fall. Gonna talk to da boss today and see if we can come up with a plan. Right now this is all just a heads up to let you know we finally got a start on things. Keep checking back. LET ER SNOW!!!!!!

Groomer Chris
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We’ve got 6 inches down here in Wellston. But we need to build a base before grooming and using the trails. Oh Happy Day!

Sweet we are in Jamaica until Sunday but might have to come when we get back

Thanks again for the update Chris



Tyler Lemmer

Your commentary is SO appreciated!!!

Thank you for the update

Better late than never.

Snow for you guys is a bad thing as you get a lot of snow. What are the temps to freeze the swaps?? I lived and ride that area a lot.

Thanks for the report Chris. I’m just south of you or 13 miles north of Newberry at the camp. We have about 12 inches on the ground now of fluffy snow. More lake effect on the way they say πŸ˜€

Crush Licari can we go now?!?!?!?

Thanks Chris

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Wednesday December 6th, 2017 - 9:00 am

Paradise Area Night Riders  www.paradiseareanightriders.org

December 6, 2017

22 degrees this morning.....thats more like it Ole Man Winter!! Light SW wind but its supposed to switch and come outa the NW today.....keep `er going Ole Man.... and then the lake effect machine is gonna kick in. The weather guessers are saying 6-10 inches for later today and tonight.....there ya go Ole Man!!!!! We got just a dusting last night if you`re wondering but me thinks its gonna start being winter now. Just a quick FYI for ya`lls. I`ll keep you updated as normal....I`m starting to get fired UP!!!!! LET ER SNOW!!!! Groomer Chris
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Thanks Chris u and the night riders do a great job!

Thanks for the update Rick Cook be on stand by

Dewey Swindlehurst snow!!

Love the Snow. Let her Rip.

Thanks for the updates! Let it snow

Thanks for the update Chris

Thank you, Chris. Couldn't do it without y'all

Misty Combs Jason Busby

Whooop whooop! Time to Braaaap Braaap !!


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December 4, 2017

Man, what an UGLY day. The wind is howling in the steady mid 20`s, its raining hard and its 43 degrees. Hey Ole Man Winter don`t you know its December!!!!

The good news is that the temps are supposed to drop like a rock by tomorrow. The weather guessers are saying into the 20`s during the day and teens at night for UP here. They are also saying some lake effect coming too....lets hope they are right.

Just thought I`d get on here to give you a quick update and let ya`ll know I`m still around. LET IT SNOW!!!! Groomer Chris
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Thanks for the update Chris

Thanks Chris!

Thank you!

Great to hear from you thanks for the update !

Thx for all you do Chris

Good news groomer Chris Mark from Auburn Indiana counting the days till we can head up and ride 300 miles a day

Wondering do you flatten the trails before the freeze comes from the summer traffic?? Mark from Auburn Indiana

Hey brother, hope Robin and you are doing well. See you soon.

Was out in it today, it sucked!

Joe Dekar Ralph Ulrich

With any luck, it will get cold long enough to freeze the ground and wet areas BEFORE the big snows come!!! I know....”in a perfect world”!!! Lol!!β€οΈπŸ‘

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