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Cadillac Area Trail Report – Cadillac Trails – 12/14

Monday: 7:15 p.m.–December 14, 2009

Our Trail Coordinator has requested I pass along a WARNING alerting everyone the ice on ALL lakes is not safe for snowmobiles yet!!!!! He indicated a snowmobile rode all along the south/east side of Lake Cadillac sometime today. There are not any fisherman and/or shanties on the lake yet, let alone sleds. There is some open water still in the middle of the lake. We’ve had some warm weather the last couple of days and it has slowed down the ice making process. It was raining for a bit today.

Trail conditions are marginal at best in some areas especially in the open areas where the sun can get to the trail. We’re still grooming when temperatures are below freezing. No new snow to report today. Can’t see the snow gauge tonight but it is shrinking because of the warmer weather and rain. When I looked this morning it was at 11 inches.,

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Cadillac Area Trail Report – Cadillac Trails – 12/12

Saturday: 9:00 a.m.–December 12, 2009

Got another 4-6 inches yesterday and the temperatures have been in the low teens–currently 11 degrees. The trails are fantastic. Take your camera with you as the trees are laden with snow making every view a picture perfect scene.

Snow gauge* total: 14 inches

Hi Everyone, We did get another 6" to 8" of heavy snow and it’s still snowing, with another 6" to 12" forecasted for today and tonight. Plus LES snow for the next 5 days. The groomers are ready and as soon as the snow slows down so they can see, they will be out grooming. This is it for now,

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