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Cadillac Area Trail Report – Cadillac Trails – 12/12

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Accumulation: 10 inches

Grooming has begun. Two groomers are out there right now. We picked up six inches of packy snow last night that should help us get a base started. More snow is on the way. Hope to have a more detailed report for you later today.

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Cadillac Area Trail Report – Cadillac Trails – 03/02

Tuesday–March 2, 2010

The latest word from our Trail Coordinator:

"The warm temps. and sun are taking their tolls on the trails. The snow is melting FAST. The trails in and out of the towns and the RR trails are almost non-ridable. If you were to trailer out to the parking lots, you will find the wide forest and county seasonal roads still have some good snow cover, but they are getting very thin in the corners. The tight-twisty trails in the wooded areas are very brown, and less snow covered every day. There is still a lot of great riding, you just to have to go looking for it.

Due to the current conditions, and the forecast of warmer temps to come, Winter Promotions have parked our groomers again.

When we get that March snow storm that we get every year, DON’T hesitate, call in sick and jump on your sled. The snow from these March storms generally only lasts for a day or 2!!"

March 2, 2010 |
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