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Grayling Trail Report – Fay’s Motel – 02/15

Greetings Sledders,

Those that chose to stay with us this weekend all reported good to great rides and we had a couple that opted to go further north at the outset of the weekend and ultimately landed here for Sunday night and they reported that they wished that they started here instead.

The Williams have been here all weekend and reported some awesome rides, and it never hurts to stay where the groomers originate from in order to get the inside scoop on where we are headed. We’re not stingy with that info in order to get you the best ride possible in these difficult snow drought times.

The Price group is currently in for the week and their maiden ride today for that span of time has been reported as good with pretty much improving conditions after the weekend traffic.

GROOMING: We are on schedule to continue with our regular routine of temporarily re-arranging snow on a snowmobile trail because that’s what we really do. Due to the fact that the inside of the corners are icy all we can do is temporarily move the the snow from the berm on the outside of the corners back to the inside of same and after 6 sleds blast through the berm is back because there’s nothing for the snow to stick to, nature of the beast.

According to the latest weather info we are down about 22" of snowfall for the year which has made this one a tough one to groom on and a tough one to report on, it is what it is, yet folks are still reporting good rides.

Ride Often and Please Be Safe, Keith, Sandy and The Girls

At Fay’s Motel enjoy direct access to the Grayling Area snowmobile trails.

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Grayling Trail Report – Fay’s Motel – 02/11

Greetings Sledders,

I didn’t get to take my sled ride yesterday but managed to get one in today after spending the morning hanging the chains on the front tires of the New Holland with the following results.

Trail #47 to Lovells is like a good highway most of the way but the snow gets a little thin the closer you get to Lovells, not impassable by any means but thinner. Trail #7 which is our problem child regardless of snow amounts is cleaner with the addition of the couple of inches we got a couple of days ago but still shows some snirty stretches. Trail #s 679 and 79 are good and white and for the most part smooth with very few bumps although me and my M-10 actually don’t care about bumps to begin with.

WEEKEND CONDITIONS: I don’t see a problem with the weekend as traffic doesn’t look to be massive compared to years past and judging by our book, state of the economy and people leary of trail conditions I suppose are the culprits here. Again I’m sticking with the fair part of the report only because of the few number of snirty areas and the ice.

GROOMING: We are and we’re happy about it!! The usual weekend schedule is set and I don’t see any reason for varying from same.

Ride Often and Please Be Safe, Keith, Sandy and The Girls

At Fay’s Motel enjoy direct access to the Grayling Area snowmobile trails.

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