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Grayling Trail Report – Fay’s Motel – 01/04

Greetings Sledders,

I tried something yesterday to see if it works and lo and behold it did. I wanted to know if the Lions were just as laughable on mute as they are with the sound on. They are!!! The Culpepper pass to a Lion receiver that wasn’t in the same area code was priceless even with the sound off. Thank God that cluster of a painful season is behind us.

It was a very busy weekend in these here parts both at the motel and on the trails and everyone reported having good to great rides. We did have a couple in that have been with us for years and she reported some extreme difficulty with her vision, especially at night, which had nothing to do with the trail conditions and they thought maybe diminished night vision was the issue. Let’s face it none of us are getting any younger. Turns out she was wearing a new helmet and apparently it’s important to remove the shield’s protective film from both the outside AND the inside before using. Hope to SEE you guys back soon. Pun intended.


Last week was a definite haul. Going back to back to back and on and on it goes becomes physically painful in your neck over a short period of time. This comes from constantly looking back at the drag in order to adjust for changing snow conditions. We do have Cab Cameras aimed at the drags with monitors to observe what’s going on behind us but with the early season conditions that we are currently experiencing it’s still the best option to turn around and look. A couple of us spent most of today moving the tractors to two garages for routine maint. tomorrow and we will be back online on Wednesday.

I took a ride on Le’ Classique today to look at the Fredericanville trail #7 because it is our most popular segment and it hasn’t been on my grooming route for a while. It got snirtier as a result of heavy weekend traffic as expected. Is it good? Well it’s flat and it’s snirty and we have the Price group in that said it’s probably the flattest they’ve seen it and no complaints. I’m forced to call that segment fair because of the snirtiness with the rest of our system fair to good. How many variations of snirt can I possibly come up with? The other trails that I rode weren’t nearly as snirtful (there’s another one) and were flat and all in all a good ride. Not premium, but not a bad ride. Thank you very much your snirtfullness.

Not sure what to believe here after looking at all of our sources. We have a shot at some snows everyday but nothing that amounts to much but anything will do and be welcomed with open arms at this point. On the bright side the temps look to behave for the foreseeable so we won’t lose what we have.

Next report Thurs,
Ride Often and Please Be Safe,
Keith, Sandy and The Girls

At Fay’s Motel enjoy direct access to the Grayling Area snowmobile trails.

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Grayling Trail Report – Fay’s Motel – 12/31

Greetings Sledders and Happy New Year,

It just dawned on me that I needed to get up and ultimately sit back down and write this deal as I was setting in the easy chair gazing at the tube with these glassed over nine mile stare groomer jockey eyes of mine. Been a long, long week with three of us carrying all of the load. I’ve been in a Deere everyday and have three more to go before a brief respite of one day kicks in and we then go into maintenance mode for a couple of days then back at it. Good God I love driving heavy equipment through the woods.

It’s also been a busy week here at the motel and we would like to thank all of you that were here to help us keep electricity running through the wires and water running through the pipes and of course the occasional piece of beef running through the, well you know what I mean. You are appreciated very much.


We are hard at it until Tuesday in order to keep up with the weekend traffic. I’m taking the daytime lead run the next three days which is the Lovells and Hanson Hills segments and that run will be about 8 hours, two other nut cases like myself will then jump in and do the tandem run on the main trail to Frederic over to the Blue Bear back down and across to the airport and back here. We’re doing the best we can to keep up.

We’ve had lots and lots of sledders in this week and no complaints with all saying good to great rides. That is saying something considering that it is still early season riding out there. We believe that if you tell people that you are going to see some snirt stretches, some good stretches, etc that they are then not surprised with conditions and are for the most part okay with what we have to offer at the present time. Not optimal conditions by any means but certainly not terrible. Or tuuurrible as Sir Charles Barkley would say. Off trail continues to be a viable option as well.

The weather wizards are calling for some snow over the next few days and temps look to behave for the next week and beyond. Nothing major on the horizon good or bad. Keep everything crossed because history tells us that a slump is going to happen at some point during the season.

Next report Monday as long as these eyes of mine don’t deteriorate and go from glassed over to crossed which could lead to some interesting reading on your end.

Ride Often and Please Be Safe,
Keith, Sandy and The Girls

At Fay’s Motel enjoy direct access to the Grayling Area snowmobile trails.

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