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Cadillac Area Trail Report – Cadillac Trails – 01/18

Monday–January 18, 2010

This message from our Trail Coordinator: Due to sun and warm afternoon temps Friday through Sunday, no evening grooming was done. However, all 3 groomers went out Sunday and Monday mornings to try to smooth out the bumps from all of the holiday weekend traffic. The grooming went well both mornings, and most of the trail system held up well. There are some thin spots, and some snirt in places, but overall our system is still holding up. Monday night, we are going to try to smooth out what snow is left on the White Pine Trail from McGuires to Leroy with the hope that is will be smooth when receive some of the Lake Effect snow that is predicted for Monday night and Tuesday. Normal grooming operations are still planned for Tuesday through Thursday, but that may change if we do not receive any more snow. Will somebody please start (continue) doing their snow dances!!!! We need Snow!!!!

Snow gauge*: 5 3/4 inches

January 18, 2010 |

Cadillac Area Trail Report – Cadillac Trails – 01/14

Thursday–January 14, 2010

The trails remain in great shape but more and more snirt is showing thru and our base is getting thinner. Thankfully, yesterday temps remained below freezing but not by much (30 degrees). Today they are forecasting 38 degrees.

The White Pine has a 1 or 2 inch base and remains smooth while the forest trails are holding a 4 to 5 inch base in most areas. They too are smooth.

The 8120 is back in service and we are hoping to have the Tucker back in service today as well. Now if only the temperatures would stay below freezing so we can keep them running. Grooming is generally stopped when temperatures go above freezing. The groomers went out this morning and will stay out as long as they can.

Snow gauge*: 8 inches

January 15

Hi Everyone, If you have a room or snowmobile reserved call before you come up. Irons, Cadillac and Wellston groomed early 1-14-10 and the riders yesterday had good to fair conditions, but this was YESTERDAY. They are forecasting the day time highs this weekend to get to the upper thirties to fouty degrees, night time temps in the upper twenties, with the temps to fall on 1-18-10 to 25 degrees and some possible snow, but again with any forecast, I’ll believe it when I see it. The grooming clubs are rating the trails from fair to good, with the exception of some ice and snirt in some of the curves and where the sun can get. So slow down and enjoy the area. Paved roads and bridges are bare. I had some guys ride up to Kaleva, Cadillac, Wellston, Irons and back to Wolf Lake and they said the trails were good except trail 344 east, which was tore up. But again this was yesterday. When the temps stay above freezing and the trails are slushy, I doubt that any grooming will continue until we get colder and more snow. Now conditions are spring like riding. One thing that is nice around here, we are in the middle of 6 different grooming clubs, (which we are members of 4), if one isn’t grooming, one of the other Clubs are grooming and we have maps right in the Office. If you don’t have a snowmobile or yours is broken, no problem, WE HAVE ON-SITE SNOWMOBILE RENTALS right here at the Resort. Most county roads are snow covered, so getting fuel or food shouldn’t be a problem except right in the little Village of Baldwin, south of us. There is tons of snow in the woods, so two tracken and seasonal roads are a blast right now. (Which there are tons of). The forecast for this week is day time temps to get to the lower to mid thirties and night time temps to get into the mid to upper twenties, so we will have to see what this bring to us, but again this is just a forecast, I’ll believe it when I see it. THE LAKES ARE NOT SAFE YET.

January 14, 2010 |
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