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Cadillac Area Trail Report – Cadillac Trails – 02/10

Wednesday–February 10, 2010

The snow machine finally kicked out some snow…not a great lot like some of you to the south got but we are delighted with every bit we get these days. We checked with the 7920 groomer operators who have been grooming over the last 12 hours and they report Trails 6, 376, 637, 676, 638, 677, 687 are a 9 out of 10. The 8120 is on the White Pine Trail this morning and the operator is reporting trail conditions to be a 7 out of 10 there. The Mesick groomer was scheduled to leave this morning but not in time for this report.

The snow gauge showed a 2.5 inch gain over the last 24 hours while the Boon area is reporting a 4′ increase. The trails are in great shape for the lack of snow we have had. We are thankful freezing temperatures have allowed us to keep what we get. There are lots of happy sledders on the trail thanking our groomers for the awesome trail conditions. Come on up and ride.

Snow gauge*: 6.5 inches

Baldwin / Irons / Cadillac

Hi All. 3″ to 4″ locally and more in surrounding areas. Several school are closed and they don’t close schools around here to often. Groomers were out last night and all trails should be sweet. I try and get some pictures posted later today from my ride. Yes I get to ride during the week. Ha Ha Ha. Right now I have to go plow. Roads are being cleared as I type.


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Cadillac Area Trail Report – Cadillac Trails – 02/04

Thursday–February 4, 2010

All 4 of the groomers are running their regular and extra routes Thursday through Sunday to keep the trails in as good as shape as possible. The trails remain at about a 8 on a scale of 1-10. The RR grades have some bare spots (wind blew the snow off) but they are short and only a few of them. The tight, twisty sections in the woods are thin but snow covered. The wide open forest and seasonal roads are smooth, snow covered ice and flat. ALL trails are very rideable and will not damage the sleds. Use extreme caution this weekend due to all of the ice (there were at least 3 accidents last weekend) and all of families and large groups that will be on the trails Friday-Sunday.

The route from Lake Mitchell’s west end to Pole Road (Hemlock Park) is CLOSED. The suggested routes out of the Cadillac "West" area is to follow the trail along M-115 south east to 44Rd and then the White Pine Trail south, OR go west along M-55, (follow the trail signs), cross M-55 at the Gas Station and follow the signs along Pole Road and 27 Rd to the start of the groomed trail. The 2nd route is through a residential area: Go Slow and RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY.

Snow gauge*: 4 inches

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