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Cadillac Area Trail Report – Cadillac Trails – 12/27

Sunday 4:30 p.m.–December 27, 2009

Our Trail Coordinator just returned from a ride on our system to assess the condition of the trails after the unseasonably warm temperatures and the holiday sleet storm and rains. He reports the White Pine Trail is shy of snow but smooth. Trails #35 and #358 are white and very smooth. Trails #6 and #637 are mostly smooth (only a few bumps in the thick Pines) and mostly white. Sadly, he discovered Trail #37 was loaded with moguls and frozen solid atleast as far north as Trail #637. Chances are Trail #37 has problems further north as well but he chose not to ride any further north. The condition of Trail #37 is due to a groomer scheduling conflict. The conflict has been addressed and corrected.

The Cadillac Winter Promotions Board of Directors and its many conscientious, hard-working volunteers apologize for the condition of Trail #37 as it is an embarassment to the high-standards they strive to achieve. You may be sure they will be working hard and doing they can to make Trail #37 the best it can be.

Snow Gauge: 7 inches

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Cadillac Area Trail Report – Cadillac Trails – 12/23

Wednesday 10:00a.m.–December 23, 2009

A message from our Trail Coordinator: “Grooming is ongoing, but at a lesser rate due to lack of snow in the wooded areas. The county seasonal and USFS roads are still in great shape, but the In Town and White Pine trails are getting a little thin in spots. Yesterdays’ 1” of new snow helped to “whiten” things up, but did not make much of a difference on the trails. I would still plan to ride, just be prepared from some snirt and thin areas.

On a different note, one of the groomers incurred major damage yesterday when a tree that was being pushed off of the trail bounced over the top of the front blade and smashed in the front of the tractor, including most of the front lights and hood. Temporary repairs were made to keep the tractor grooming safely on the trails until the new parts are received and installed. Parts and repairs will cost several thousand dollars. These are the types of things that happen to many grant sponsors that the average snowmobiler never knows about.”

Snow gauge: 9.5 inches


Cadillac / Irons - Wolf Lake Motel - December 2009 (Photo)Hi Everyone, it was a high yesterday of 22 degrees and this morning it was 0 degrees. Most all the 20 plus riders on 12-22-09 from the Resort reported good conditions, with just a little snirt on some of the trails. We have been getting a little snow almost everyday, so there is fresh snow for lube, but more is needed for the grooming to continue, so because of this I only rate the trails as fair. The forecast the next couple days is mid twenties during the days and cold at night (2 degrees) until late Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. They still are not sure where it’s going to hit and if it’s going to be a snow/sleet/freezing rain and then the temp to drop sharply and snow for the next 3 days after Christmas, but with any forecast, I’ll believe it when I see it. This is still early season riding and the ground is not completely frozen, so trail conditions can change fast with the temp. Most county roads are snow covered, so getting fuel or food shouldn’t be a problem, except right in the Village of Baldwin where it is getting a little bare. There is tons of snow in the woods, so two tracken and seasonal roads are a blast right now. (Which there are tons of). THE LAKES ARE NOT SAFE YET.

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