Michigan Trail Report

Grayling Trail Report – Fay’s Motel – 02/02

Greetings Sledders,
Sorry for the delay, spent a fair amount of my down time Sunday evening nursing a tractor home with a broken exhaust system and all day yesterday fixing same and by the time I got home I was somewhat tuckered out.
Okay, here’s what we’ve got. Most of our segments are in good shape but caution still goes out due to the icy conditions underneath. There were a number of accidents in the area over the weekend as a result so please be careful.
Our grooming focus is on the Frederic trail and here’s the problem. During the thaw we were unable to groom but the sled traffic was still out there which, as expected moguled the trail then came the freeze. This situation puts us in a shaving mode with the drags. The blades on our Deeres are pretty much rendered ineffective in these frozen conditions and frankly I don’t want the guys to rely on them or get too aggresive with them as many bad things can and will happen.
Unfortunately there’s not much snow in the forecast for the week so we will continue to work with what we have, same story different day.
Ride Often and Please Be Safe, Keith, Sandy and The Girls

At Fay’s Motel enjoy direct access to the Grayling Area snowmobile trails.

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