Michigan Trail Report

Grayling Trail Report – Fay’s Motel – 01/28

Greetings Bored Sledders,

Keith’s not feeling up to snuff tonight, so I am in charge of getting a quick report out.

Winter has finally returned and with a vengeance. Snowy, blowy and cold.

Keith took a quick ride this morning to check things out. What he found was enough snow to ride on with ice underneath. Enough ice to have him spend the rest of the afternoon putting studs on one of the tractors.

So the outlook is this: Snow will continue on and off throughout the weekend. Weather to stay cold. Rides will not be premium, but than again, they haven’t been premium all year. Grooming will be dictated by traffic.

If you do ride, please watch the ice!

Sandy, Keith and The Girls.

At Fay’s Motel enjoy direct access to the Grayling Area snowmobile trails.

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