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Western U.P. Ride Report – 01/02

Trail Update: 01/02/10 6:30 pm

Due to the colder temps we only did a small run today with the kids. Went from Wakefield to Silver City to White Pine to Bergland then back to Wakefield, about 100 miles.

Indianhead trail link was groomed and smooth out to 11N and as indicated last night they were grooming it and came back down it also last night. It is in pretty nice shape considering only a single pass with the groomer w/drag. We cruised right up it with only a few areas that were still wet. In that first wet area about 3 mi north of Indianhead Valley it has firmed up pretty good with only the one spot you tip toe into a little water. After you cross 519 there was only 1 other wet spot that most people just drove thru but we went along the edge of the trail and avoided the H2O. Since it was only groomed once there is a bit of a ridge in the center in a few places but that should disappear once they hit it again. A nice ride and would do it again. At South Boundary, it was smooth sailing as always. Sit down, turn on the Ipod and set the cruise control all the way to Lake Superior. A very stiff wind at the lake, very cold. And just as South Boundary (trail 11) was consistantly smooth, #1 to the Ski Resort and east thru Silver City was consistantly junk. Nothing but sharp moguls that excercised every inch of the suspension. Not that I didn’t expect that but for once I would like to be surprised and have a smooth trail up there. Even most of the way to White Pine was rough, not as bad as at Silver City but not that fun to ride on. Took our usual stop at Antonios for a pizza lunch and didn’t leave any scraps for the dog. Continued south on 1 to Bergland which was in much better shape, could cruise at whatever speed we wanted. From Bergland back to Wakefield on #8 we again were able to cruise right along, nice and smooth and plenty wide, very nice. More people were heading across Sunday Lake which is loaded with snow and we did too but only to the Citgo to top-off the tanks for the next run whereever that may take us. Still saw some slush as we drove along the trail on the West side heading back out of town.

Hope everyone had a good New Years and enjoyed the Trails like we did. Can’t wait till we get out there again in a few weeks.


Trail Report: 01/01/10 9:00pm

Took a little run from Wakefield to Bergland to Marenisco and back to Wakefield. Only around 100 miles today.

Went across Sunday Lake and its still a little slushy in areas, lots of snow weight. Trail 8 was nice heading to Bergland and when you cross M28 it was even smoother (different grooming clubs and schedules). We took 13 down the east side of Lake Gogebic and it too was nice. The snow is thin in places but plenty smooth and would run it again tomorrow without a second thought. Had Lunch at the Root Cellar and the food was good as always. Continued down 13 to 100 across the south end to #1 into Marenisco. Again all was fairly smooth but would benefit from some more snow. Trail #2 out of Marenisco was a little rough down the center, which is the only place the guys run when doing 100 mph but plenty smooth on either side. When we got to the intersection of 11S the trail got even smoother, the center of the trail was not blown out so there must have been a bit of traffic on 11S thru to Marenisco or vise versa. The rest of the run up 2 back to 8 east of Wakefield was again nice.

Another good ride with a few things I must point out.
1. People must slow down around corners or there will be collisions. We had several close calls today as there were people out of control around the corners sliding at us where we had to brake hard and get off the edge of the trail without running ourselves into the trees. This is not acceptable. I’m not promoting speed limits, I’m advocating more responsible driving. I like to drive fast when the kids are not aboard but not to the point of endangering others out enjoying the wonderful trail system up here. When we spoke to the Conservation Officer the other day he said that was one of their biggest complaints. And after running these trails for 13 seasons now I have only seen it get worse & worse. But I’m probably shouting down a well since none of those people take the time to read anything on this board, but I feel the need to say it anyway.

2. Stop signs. They mean the same thing as on the highway in your car. STOP. or at least close to one, not ‘on the gas’ with the ski’s in the air. And as I shake my fist in the air at the idiot the person behind that rider puts both hands in the air like ‘whats your problem?’. Well, stop means stop. There could be a car coming out of that driveway or a logging truck, either way you will lose that battle. If its a 4-way sled intersection the innocent driver will probably suffer the most damage, that seems to be the way it goes.

Okay. there, I’ve said my piece. Probably only Northguide and I will even know I said it.

Trail 11N Update:
I took a quick run after supper tonight to check it out and they have gone up it with the groomer & drag and may still be up there as I type. I went up only 4 miles from Indianhead Valley, about 1 mile farther than last night. He was running the east side pulling in as much snow as possible and I suspect will come back down pulling in snow from the West side. It is smooth except for where he would run out of snow thru some of the holes, dips, etc. The wet area is still wet. We went thru it, it’s not like you will get stuck but your skis will go in some water. I tried walking along the east side to see if it was solid and found out it was not. I ended up running with my boots sinking up to about 8″ in water. So, back thru the center was definately the better route. Its only a little spot about 4 feet in length, so again, it’s no big deal. Hopefully with the colder temps it will firm up nicely.

Till tomorrow.


Trail Report: 12/30/09 9:40 pm
We rode from Wakefield to Bergland to Rockland, to Mass City, to Greenland, to Ontonagon, to White Pine, back to Berland, then back to Wakefield. Nice 150+ mile run with the kids.

With the early season snow amounts things were pretty good, pretty good indeed. But the traffic is still fairly light so that always help keep the trails in shape. Leaving Wakefield was nice, not all tore up like we know it gets and was good till you have to run on the plowed road section. There’s snow on it, but thin. Nice when you get past that and smooth sailing to Bergland. Bergland to Rockland was also nice with the usual thin spots on the corners and cresting each little hill or rise. But definately a nice ride. Rockland to Mass City was just as nice with the usual chop heading up the hill after crossing the river, after that again it was nice all the way around to Mass City to Grandma Myrte’s. One of our usual food stops. From there to Ontonagon was more of the same, nice and pretty smooth, some wet areas that are freezing up nicely and a good ride as well. Ontonagon to White Pine was also nice, plenty of snow and not as tore up as 13 to Rockland, which is typical. Also typical is the chop from the ‘T’ of 12 & 1 going north into White Pine. But again, one of our usual food stops is Antonios where we enjoyed another fine pizza, no left-overs. Back thru the chop heading south on 1 and shortly after the T things get better as the trail is wider. A very nice run back into Bergland with some ‘late day’ little chop the last five miles or so through the narrower section on the west side of the tar road that heads north from Bergland to White Pine. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well the trail held up between Bergland and Wakefield late in the day, as we came thru around 7pm – 8pm CST. It was really not bad at all even though that is the main highway so to speak. Then as we got to Sunday Lake the groomer was heading east so we got to make 1st tracks in the fresh groomed trail around the lake.

Nice day, nice ride, the kids had a good time and so did the parents.

Groomer operators: Thank you and have a Happy New Year!!!


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