Michigan Trail Report

Cadillac Area Trail Report – Cadillac Trails – 12/30

Wednesday 10:00–December 30, 2009

Got out for a ride yesterday and was amazed at how many folks are out there enjoying the trails. The local snowmobile club, Cadillac Winter Warriors, had their annal cookout on the trail yesterday at the intersection of Trail 6 and 37. What a great time that was! If you were in the area I sure hope you had a chance to stop by and warm up by the fire and have a chance to help support the club by buying some hot chocolate and brats or dogs. The Winter Warriors do a lot for our organization and the local community as well.

Can’t say enough good things about the trails. They are all in great shape inspite of the traffic. The groomers are out there constantly working to keep them in shape for you folks. Keep in mind our system is staffed entirely by volunteer drivers so let them know you appreciate their efforts when you see them out there.

Snow gauge: 8 inches

December 29

Hi Everyone, we have been getting 2" to 3" of snow everyday since Christmas Day, so the trails are getting back to good condition. We have had several of our guest extent their stay, so it can’t be too bad. I talked to the grooming coordinator 12-28-09 and was told that all the trails are scheduled to be completely groomed again by tonight 12-29-09 and again Friday and Sunday, barring any problems with the equipment. So this will make for some sweet riding this Holiday weekend. That is what is nice around here, we are in the middle of 6 different grooming clubs, if one isn’t grooming, one of the other Clubs are grooming. There will be some ice out on the trail in the curves, so slow down and enjoy yourself. Most county roads are snow covered, so getting fuel or food shouldn’t be a problem. There is tons of snow in the woods, so two tracken and seasonal roads are a blast right now. (Which there are tons of). There is going to be some Ice on the trails and roads, so be careful. THE LAKES ARE NOT SAFE YET.

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