Michigan Trail Report

Western U.P. Trail Report – Western U.P. Bureau – 02/17

Snow showers are in the forecast for Saturday. Temps will be in the 20’s and 30’s with lows in the teens. Grooming is still on going weather permitting. They are trying to keep the trails in the best shape they can with what they have to work with. Expect icy corners and bare spots around towns. The best riding will be early in the day before the trails soften up.

GOGEBIC RANGE TRAIL AUTHORITY-Overall conditions are fair,some good and poor around towns. Snow is thin coming in and going out of towns. Conditions again once you get out on the trails you will find some good riding. Trail 2 from Ironwood to Wakefield is poor to fair,expect some bare spots. It’s best to trailer to Wakefield and ride from there. Trails 2 & 8 out of Wakefield are in fair to good conditon expect some bare spots which you can get around. Trail 160 from the lookout to the Wisconsin border snow is marginal. 11N is fair use caution around the water spot, signs are posted and again closer to the lake snow is marginal. 11S conditons are fair. Closer to the Wisconsin border where the logging is ongoing conditons are poor.

LAKE GOGEBIC AREA GROOMERS – Trail 8 east is in fair condition but do expect some bare spots where the trail is exposed to the sun. The best riding will be the trails that are in the woods. Again on these trails you will find riding good to fair depending if the trail is exposed to the sun these areas may be poor. Around town expect bare spots and please use caution on corners they are very icy.

U.P.THUNDER RIDERS OF WATERSMEET-Reports grooming has stopped due to the weather. We need more snow for groomers to go out. Trails 2 & 3 conditions are fair with poor spots. Expect thins spots and icy. Trail 3 is in good shape with icy corners. Please use caution…

Keep in mind the groomers will be out day and night, so watch for them, and PLEASE pull over or at least slow down and wait for the operator to signal you by whenever you see them. Please use caution on corners in all areas they may be icy..

It’s time for our usual caution. There is no such thing as "safe ice" due to underwater currents. If you choose to go out, be sure you talk to locals where you intend to ride for specific information about the ice depth and other factors…be aware you will be riding at your own risk.

Here are a few gas station updates. The gas station in Paulding is closed so plan ahead for filling up. On the up side the gas station in Marenisco is now open.

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